Wake Up your Phone Screen using Volume Button on Android

Turn on your phone screen using volume keys: – Now a day Android phone become popular among the people almost all have the smartphone with an Android platform because of Android functionality and price.

Everyone can afford this phone. Whenever you buy new Smartphone with Android Os installed, you can do anything. But the sad part of these phones are they only provide volume buttons and power button on Android phones and other phone but sometimes by using power button repetitive the power button get damaged. So, guys, I am here with a solution in which you can unlock phone screen using your volume buttons and save your power button by getting damage.

Hey, guys, I am back again with another useful trick. The trick is how to wake up your Android phone screen by volume keys. There are lots of ways to unlock the android phone by plugging your phone to a charger, use camera keys for unlocking the screen if the camera button has into your phone but the straightforward and useful method is only power button unlocking. Almost all users of smartphones unlock their phones by the power button.

Android power button not working how to turn on 

The best thing about this app is that the apps don’t require any special permission such as Root requirements. Yes, you heard right you don’t need any root requirements for accessing this app. Unlocking screen with volume keys also feature available in some custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod and other Rom also the MIUI ROMS provide this functionality inbuilt but How we  can get this feature on any android phone so guys here is guide follows the below guide and gets the method for unlocking screen by using your volume keys

Wake Up your Phone Screen using Volume Button on Android

Wake Up your Phone Screen using Volume Button on Android

How to wake up your Android phone using volume button keys

There are several ways to unlock your Android screen by apps you can find tons of apps on play store which change the functionality of power button into volume buttons. You can unlock your screen by plug into charging.

When you connect your phone to charger, your phone will wake up and then you can perform action also if your phone have camera button then hold down the camera button for the screen on but in this post I will tell you to unlock by volume which is the simple and easy method for an Android phone.

You can find lots of apps from play store which offer to unlock the screen by volume but I personally like two apps which I am going to show you below they both apps are quite simple and workable. Both apps offer to unlock the screen by volume key, and if you want to lock your device, then you can do it from notification icon.


Here is the basic requirement for getting this feature on your Android smartphone. Download the volume power app from the below and wake up your device by volume keys

Wake up your phone screen using volume button on Android

  • First of all, you need to download the volume key unlocker app from the play store
  • Now you have to install this app
  • After successfully installations process, Open An app
screen settings

screen settings

  • Now you will see this kind of screen Just tap on Enable/Disable Volume power
  • Also, Enable the Start on boot and Screen off From Notification

Enable all settings

  •  That’s it you have done all the steps successfully
  • Enjoy this volume unlocking screen tricks and save your power button key from damaging by repetitive usage
  • Now you will get Two apps installed on your phone one is Volume unlock and the second one is screen of
  • You can set the settings from Volume unlock app, and for locking or wake off, you can use screen off app

How to Restart android phone without power button

Suppose you want to reboot your android device but you can’t able to reboot the android phone because of power button damaged or not working then you just need to install one app called fast reboot. This app will do all things related to refrashing device by rebooting it. Download the app from below and restart your phone without using any key.

  • First of all you have to download the fast reboot app from here
  • download and install it
  • Now open the fast reboot app in your android device
  • Now you will able to see option for reboot
  • simply tap on it and restart it.

Restart your device with the help of this little app till your power button start working. I think, now you don’t need of any power button for restart just one app will do all things related to reboot.

Final words

So, guys, we have learned about how to unlock your phone screen using your volume buttons as I told you several ways for unlocking phone screen on your Android phone such as plugging the phone to a charger also by camera button. I hope you guys like this tutorial if you feel any problem regarding any tricks then comment below I will surely help you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wake Up your Phone Screen using Volume Button on Android
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