Truecaller Script: Search Any Phone Number Without App

Truecaller script- Hey guys I am here with another mind blowing trick. In this article, I will show the truecaller script which will help you to search any phone number with detail. Yes, guys now you can search any phone number via our script.

This script is best for those who want to search any phone number with fastly or I can say with quickly. This online script lets you enable to search any phone detail with one click. Just you need to enter the number of users who was calling you and then our script will do all work.

Truecaller online number search script is an online script which fetches data from truecaller mobile phone directory and provides correct data which is present in the database. Our script works similar to official truecaller but has some more function and features are available in our script.

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In the case of our online Script, the users don’t need to sign up via Gmail or Microsoft account just open the truecaller script page and enter the victim number whose information you want to know.

Truecaller Search Online Script

Truecaller script

True caller script

Now, guys, you can check any unknown number via this script. Sometimes we are getting lots of anonymous phone calls, but when we return calls, they don’t pick up. In this case, only one thing helps a lot whose name is truecaller. It helps when we are getting strange calls whose number is not saved in our phone directory.

Our online truecaller script works similar to the official truecaller website. But the question arises why we need this third party script? Well, let me tell you that about the script. I made this script for my lovely Shoutricks visitors who regular visit here.

Truecaller script is fast and secure means you can use this script for retrieving someone detail quickly than official website there we firstly need to sing up and then login via email. But our online truecaller script doesn’t require any login detail, just enter the number and hit the enter button.

What is True caller Script



Truecaller script is similar to the official website. It displays the details of person same like truecaller site or app.  Our script uses truecaller API or application program interface for getting the person data from a database.Check this out: – Spotify Premium APK download

I have seen many users thinks that if we use third party script, then our data could be leaked. But I want to say that we don’t keep someone sensitive information like name, address or phone number. This script is helpful for those who don’t want to install truecaller app or sign up for their official sites.


  • Search any number via this script
  • User can access this script with quickly and get the detail of stranger
  • It fetches the data from official truecaller database and gives correct detail of person
  • This script gives profile picture, name, gender, location, phone number and some other detail with fully accurate.
  • It does not require any sign-up or login


  • It does not give exact location
  • Don’t use this script more than 5-6 because it works on API(Application program interface) Or API get down
  • If someone used this script 40 times in one minute, then it will start showing API down. Then you need to wait sometime like 3-4 minutes

How to search any number via this truecaller online script

  • First of all, you have to click below to get the access of truecaller script

   Truecaller Script

  • Now Enter any phone number whose you want to check detail

  • Just enter and hit enter button
  • Then our script will start showing the detail of person whose number you have entered.
Truecaller person detail

Truecaller person detail

  • Enjoy this script and use it with caution

Search any number without installing any app

Now you don’t need to install truecaller official app on your Android or iPhone. This truecaller online script can do its job with efficient manner. Our script shows the person phone number detail with name, address, email id and so on. I also have posted this:-  How to change IMEI number

As we know that the truecaller can’t track someone number just, it gives helpful details. This online script works similar to the original website. Also, I have seen storage issue, Use this script for searching name and number instead of any app.

It saves storage and memory of Android device and gives some extra storage for other material. Means search any number without installing any app just visit the script link which is given above and search any number without sign up.


So, guys, I have shared the truecaller online script with you. Now you can check any one detail via this script. This script enables us to online number search by using this script. Just you need to enter the number of the person which you want to check the detail and then hit the enter button. See this article: – How to Remove surveys using XJZ survey remover

The main benefit of this online script is that it does not require any sign up via email or log in just you need to enter the unknown person number and click on search button, it’s too simple than the official site.

I think guys it’s done. Now enjoy this script and make sure don’t try this script too much otherwise script API will get blocked or down. Keep sharing this article with your friends and family. Now it’s your turn share this article and do comment if you have any doubt. Thanks for visiting my blog


Truecaller Script: Search Any Phone Number Without App
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