Top 11 Best Team Viewer alternative in 2018

Team Viewer alternative-So every time it is not possible for one to carry his/ her computers and laptops. Even then you can get in touch with your documents and also manage them remotely. Fun fact is that most of the data centers, server rooms have been remotely accessed by the administrators meeting industrial norms.

One such popular application that enabled a user to make such useful operations got its alternatives nevertheless. Now Team Viewer is not the only remote desktop application that is available for users in 2018. Now almost all platforms can be used ranging from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even web-based applications are also available now for remote accessing at a cheaper cost and some in free.

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The need for Team Viewer alternative?

Teamviewer Alternative

Teamviewer Alternative

You all may ask this when you already have Team Viewer in the first place what made you to get into this topic then for them here are some points to get clarified.

  • Complex to use
  • Not very reliable tool when compared with the present date
  • Weak Security
  • Puts the user end computer at high risk to hack
  • Expensive Business version

Best Alternatives to Teamviewer in 2018


Here are the top best Teamviewer alternatives for 2018 which we have personally used and handpicked for you with proper review and opinion for your desktop and laptop.

#1. Admin’s Choice: CloudBerry Remote Assistant

At the start time in this sector, TeamViewer made a huge share of the market with its innovative ideas and features. Though it had many drawbacks till now. Many complaints against them were registered in previous past from users and seemed like wrong publicity.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant has then finally made their step into the market. RSA algorithm based encrypted sessions which are the highly secure method to protect from malware and other kinds of thefts completely. Also, the entire network is based on SSL encryption from now and connections made.

This is a very light resource for use with no issued faced to date. No doubt that CloudBerry is the best alternative and actually replacement for my PC and working like a beast. This software is available for absolutely free on their official website. Also, we can make text-voice chat through this at the client end of access.

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#2. WebEx

A Cisco born software is WebEx. Best for recording meetings, scheduling in software like Outlook. This is highly effective for video conferences with additional features of security (two layer password protection for access). Cisco-based WebEx is an excellent piece of architecture, especially for business and smooth interaction.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

For those who are professional may also purchase the business version for a better experience of solutions.

#3. Mikogo

A premium tool for both single and enterprise use. Comes with commercial touch, is the browser-based tool and doesn’t have any additional software installations. Available in variable price as per the need of the user. I better suggest that the free version could do justice in convincing you to take premium. The software interface is multilingual providing 35 languages. Features like swap presenter, share documents, app control, video conferencing, multi-user whiteboard and much more really impressed me to include in this list. This featured tool also has the VoIP. Even though web, we can use this.

Platform: iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Android

#4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Name itself would have given the clear picture of this. This is simple and easy available Google Chrome’s extension. Not a very high setting up the process, providing an easy-to-use installation connected. Access contents in the background directly from other’s browser of your PC. This doesn’t need special setup process for download.

#5. LogMeIn Pro

Pro desktop solution for remote connectivity. Though free version of LogMeIn is not available. The premium features are really likely to function well for usage as per me. When compared to any other software in this list LogMeIn does a pretty good job of handling files while transferring. This was really famous and used by most of the job holders dealing with all ranges of software sectors.

#6. Ultra VNC

Designed for Windows-based computers and OS. Now transferring is allowed in this tool which makes it a little handy for getting your work done and establishing a connection. UltraVNC is one of the options as an alternative to TeamViewer for remote connections. Also offers the tool for instant file sharing with basic chat facilities.

#7. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

Free of charge software, the best way to gain sharing and remote management. Unlike any other hyper threaded software, this is only about an MB for installation. Best suitable for individuals as well as to professionals. Secure connection with Microsoft and software which makes unique for the remote desktop as per customer review. Suitable for office seminars, presentations, comes with best in class Built-in text and voice identification for chats.

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#8. Splashtop

Splashtop is available for individuals and businesses professionals. Apart from installation nothing is hard to use. Up till five computer devices may be connected for free. Very helpful for developers handling projects related to application development of any field. You may also move, stream, play songs and videos remotely. Best companion for the desktop solution with small functions. Comes with basic security features and available for both free and paid versions.

#9. RealVNC

Real VNC

Virtual Network computing (open-source technology) on which this software was made. RealVNC available for free and paid based on the use. This could seem complicated for users of TeamViewer. This utility can help you to connect multiple computers to an IP Address or connect to a computer. RealVNC comes with reliable features like high encryption, chat with your connected workers. Times difficult to identify the network while connection.

Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi.


For a large online gathering at the comfort of home, you might use as the best alternative for TeamViewer to join multiple people. Supporting on both leading Mac and Windows platform this is booming software. On anybody can connect a call to devices that are connected to same domain using a feature VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Additionally, we get the one-click meeting, screen recordings. For further interesting and interactive contacting you may be charged price.

#11. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Windows default application that comes as built-in for all windows running systems that you can use same as TeamViewer. This will be my personal use and choice for anyone. This got the best features with frequent updates. Absolutely safe from hackers with Microsoft’s protection all around. Many of you may not be familiar with this but all Windows running machines already come with this feature. If you visit the Settings of the computer, you may easily find the option to use. Complete access control of your PC from distances, no additional software is to be installed.

Final Words

Finally, guys, we shared about top 11 best team viewer alternative that you will love to know and try on your laptop pc. I think guys, it’s done from my side, now it’s your turn by sharing this amazing article with your friends and family.

Top 11 Best Team Viewer alternative in 2018
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