Top 12 Best Skype Alternatives that You Can Use in 2018

Skype Alternatives-Video call was one of the fantasies that we all had for a long time. With the evolution of technology engineers working hard have finally introduced this trademark. After this innovation, Skype was one such company that got famous and got spread across all computing fields. Till date, Skype is one such reliable service that we use. Majority of audience use for communicating long distances and with a video call on Skype actually reduces the pain that we are far from our loved ones. Also, this has a major role in business as most of the online interviews are conducted on Skype and used by industry people for business conferences.


The only video calling application for ages was Skype. The recent Skype update shows us the feature to also place a decent group video chat up to four users including your screen. This is now available on Mac, Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS. Things really change with time so did Skype, here are my best top 12 Skype alternatives for VoIP, video and audio chat for individuals as well as business uses. Bookmark this page for regular updates about this topic. Keeping Skype in mind I’ve listed out most of the best alternatives that will be easy to use.

Skype Alternatives

skype alternative

skype alternative


Now WhatsApp is not only famous for chat messenger also we have options for Audio & Video calls. This is an absolutely free service provided by WhatsApp. Unlike any other application or software, we are secure End-to-End secure communication with best security features. Now we can also make efficient calls even with low data speeds.

  • Pros:
    • Free Service
    • Ads Free
    • Works even with data saver
    • Frequently updated service
    • Available on smart phones, Web, Desktop application
    • Easy switch between Audio and Video
    • Highly Secure
    • Cross-platform calls of devices can be placed
  • Cons:
    • Group calls are not available
    • File transfer during calls are not possible
    • Not meant for Business use

#2. FaceTime

If you ever used an iPhone then you would have placed a call using face time. This is official Apple software with almost all Apple’s devices. Face time is an excellent alternative for iOS users. Especially for face time, Apple designs and customizes its front camera every year. Across the globe every day millions of FaceTime calls are placed. Facetime is meant for High definition calls. The not only video also the audio quality is best sound. In case you are willing to use on your Mac device also then you may purchase from App Store for around 0.99 USD.

  • Pros:
    • HD calls
    • Best video and audio quality
    • Comes inbuilt
    • Smooth and easy interface
    • Also, audio calls can be placed
  • Cons:
    • File transfer is not possible
    • Group calls are not possible
    • Multi-tasking is also not possible
    • Switching between audio and video crashes at times
    • Only Apple devices are required for placing calls from FaceTime
    • Text chats are not possible
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#3. Google Hangouts

Google’s official Hangouts is a default on almost all Android devices now. Many familiar events conducted by Google are taken place through this itself onto the internet. Once the hangout is over, the video gets uploaded with permission on to the linked YouTube account. Third-party app installation isn’t required for Google Hangouts. This is a free application available for everyone. Not so popular application even though comes on every android device. This is all about Hangouts.

#4. Google Duo

Coming to Google Duo, the title given to it “Rated the highest quality video calling application.” On this statement, I have my own perspective. When you actually use this app, it doesn’t seem that rich to use even though the entire team works hard in advertisement rather than on product. As showcased in the previous Google I/O. On a longer use of this application you may interest and easy to use. The chances of using this are more for a normal user who isn’t looking for all extra pops.

#5. VSee

This is one such application that allows group calls for free. Started by Tele-Health, which was initially for interaction for Doctor and patient over internet turned out to become a video calling application for commercial use at the end. When compared with Skype this uses half the bandwidth and file transfer is fast and easy. Placing HD calls are also available in the free trail. Also, screen share option is available for users in the free trail but restricting to one use per day. Starting at USD 9 for a month VSee could be an alternative. In case you are the student having email id with .edu then the VSee Plus up gradation is for the fee.

#6. UberConference

While we discuss about UberConference video calling is not the option that is been provided by them. You have to keep in mind that this is an audio conferencing application. Used as trusted software, comes with both free and paid (starts from $10 per month) plans. While we have the free plan in mind we are provided:

  • Unlimited conferences up to 10 callers
  • No PIN is required for the Organizer
  • HD Quality Audio and you can record the call as well
  • Direct linking with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ Profiles

#7. GoToMeeting

From now never miss any other meeting at your work place. Among all the business application in this category that we generally find this is best. Comes with a month of free trial and continues on a paid version in the later stage for 49 USD per month. That is a great deal for one looking for a business mode of application.

Talking about the plus points in this application,

  • You may add up to 25 accounts for a joint/ group video call (which is not possible with normal video calling application)
  • Changing with internet speeds varies from SD to HD in both video and audio

Platforms available are Mac, Windows PC, iOS and Android devices. This would also be best for online training sessions for teachers to reach out to students. Talking about placing group calls the person that hosts should be a paid for allowing all other users on the line to support the premium features.

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#8. Webex

The name might be intimidating and seems like more professional for this area. Not so suitable for large-scale businesses. Looking in case of any small-scale or may be a start-up’s looking for any pro mode deals then could be an option for you guys. Webex manages up to eight members for the meeting. Coming to the pros of this, you can find screen sharing along with file transfers. You may find up to 720p video quality. This creates a typical work environment for workers doing tasks from home. Suitable for professionals who are interested in gathering online, to discuss business deals.

So whenever we talk about meeting the online always doesn’t fulfill enough, but the thing that made up this list is the common whiteboard that can be written on the virtual screen.

#9. Voca

This could be affordable for international calls. Voca is best-in-class highly encrypted calls, messages at terminals. When we look at the costs and the service provided by them you’ll be absolutely shocked with such a great service. Voca comes with a mesmerizing user interface and easy to use. Though it is not available on iOS devices, we may assume with the demand they might release soon. And a good news for Android users as this is already available. The highlighting thing of all is the credit based system which you may or may not like all the time. This is generally looked as the pre-paid system as compared to normal mobile calls. So for what you pay, you get that. This may not be beneficial for all the times. Looking at the bright side, unlike any other service if you miss the paid duration even if you don’t use your money goes waste.

#10. Viber

One such software that has been market for a very long time is Viber. Started with mobile applications Viber had expanded spectrum in all platforms. Similar to any other chatting service it has grown and best for all it provides. Similar to WhatsApp, Viber also provides free audio and video callings. But when coming to the point for professionals, this wouldn’t be a great choice for you. This application is similar to any other online social media platform. For everyone who thinks to find a change from the present applications from present day may try this old and powerful application.

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#11. oovoo

For high-quality video chat, conferencing and messaging this will an alternative for both. Platforms available are Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can come up with 12 members at a time for a video conference which is an average number of all which we saw.

  • Call recording and screen sharing
  • Send files, record video
  • Direct upload to YouTube

As we said about the recording that can be done for 1000 minutes for premium members. A very reasonable rate of 2.99 USD per month.

#12. Voxox

Similar to any other software that we have discussed till now we may find most of the features in this. Free voice calls using Voxox apps that are available on Android, iOS and Windows devices. For a very low cost of money you may place international calls. Voxox provides the same file and screen sharing capabilities. And more perks for paid members. This name may sound awkward but not really that bad application. You can take a trial for alternative usage cases.

Top 12 Best Skype Alternatives that You Can Use in 2018
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