How To Make Android’s Volume Levels Change with Your Schedule

Set your Android volume level– Hey guys , in this article we gonna  guide you “how to set your android volume to change on a schedule”, when you are in office you would like to keep your Android device in silent mode but when you are at home you will like to keep your Android device in general mode.

We all know silent mode is most important feature of Android device through this feature your android device does not disturb you😛 ,when you are in office, tuition, classes, college,schools or meetings all this places you would not prefer any annoying sound from your own Android device because it’s disturbing you a lot and in general mode is also most preferable mode/feature of your Android device you like it most when you are at home and in events etc. Because you would like that no any calls are being missed by you or the calls for which you are waiting and also messages, Whatsapp messages, messenger messages, etc.

Because you would like that no any calls is being missed by you or the calls for which you are waiting and also messages, WhatsApp messages, messenger messages, etc.

From this article, we would be referred some volume scheduler applications which you can easily download from play store.

Here we prefer volume scheduler application by Yogesh dama. This application was been downloaded by more than 5000peoples and also got 4.1 stars out of 5.

Easy way to set your smartphone volume on a schedule

Through this app, you will able to schedule your Android device ringtone as per your choice without any hesitation to keep the mind to silent your Android device😉 or general. Sometimes when you are in office or temple or church, meetings, etc. You forget  to select silent mode of your android device, somehow if you remember to silent your android device but after your meetings you forget to select general mode this may create a serious concern if you missed any important calls whether it may come from your home, by your parents, or some important calls, due to this you were messed up with so many problems.

set your android volume to change on a schedule

set your android volume to change on a schedule


Android device volume scheduler application is not only a simple application but very important/necessary application. In this application you will also make changes in its working and also you can change or set the name scheduled time according to your requirements. Through this application, you will be free without any tension or remember to change the mode of volume on your android device.

  • This is an app which works automatically perspective of your decisions at one time.
  • All the features in this app are fully working and Yogesh dama developed the best application.
  • Easy to handle this application because it is simple to understand.
  • Great application, its great to be able to automate volume settings to work with.
  • Extremely convenient. Better than hassle other of silencers that lock the volume.
  • There are some similar applications for Android versions 5 and 6, but you cannot fully control the volume of your Android device but by using this application, you can.
  • Through this application, you don’t have to worry about silencing your Android device before work.
  • This application helps to set ringer volume as per the situations like in office and home. It also provides facility to add the schedule for different occasions for example: – if a person has gone for a movie, he/she can set the schedule for volume and relax and enjoy the movie. You May Also Like this: –  How to download paid apps for free
  • Volume scheduler application will take care for your schedule and it will automatically reset your normal volume settings.
  • There is no need to remember to deactivate silent mode or activate silent mode.
  • It is an important application for people who forget to change ringer settings.
  • This application will completely accessible on your Android device and works really great. The easy way to mute all your sounds with one click.

How to set your android volume to change on a schedule in Android

  • First of all, you need to download  Volume scheduler app from play store
  • Now install the app and open it up
  • After opening of app, you will get default volume settings/preset for office and home also those will switch on mode
  • You can also edit Office preset and home preset by tapping on it, let’s tap on office mode and edit this setting
Volume scheduler

Volume scheduler

  • On office mode you will see some more advanced features such as schedule name, Volume profile also ringtone can be set.
profile settings and schedule settings

profile settings and schedule settings

  • If you want to edit volume profile of office preset, simply click on it and there you will get some more features, adjust them according to your office environment but in default settings there must be all volume preset would be zero only voice cal volume will be high
  • As office mode settings, you can also set preset of home preset profile just by tapping on it. Here you will see an option such as edit copy and delete.
  • Now click on edit option for editing of preset of Home. Also here you will see same options like office such as volume profile, ringtone, etc
  • For your convenience, you can set up volume control according to your choice. But the default volume preset would be switch on
  • Finally, all things are done and enjoy this volume scheduler.

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How to do schedule settings for preset

  • Choose time and activate it also select the days
  • Now choose the re-occurrence till the option selected, settings would be
  1. Forever
  2. Till date
  3. No. of occurrence

Create Own Volume scheduler

  • Open volume scheduler app and you will see the home screen, there you will see some predefined preset, and they would be office and home.
  • Just click on + icon at the bottom of a home screen
Volume scheduler

Volume scheduler

  • Enter the name of schedule, Now do some settings of the preset
create own scheduler

create own scheduler

  • Adjust volume profiles and set any ringtone also notification tone
  • Finally, you have done, enjoy this volume scheduler for your office or home

Video Guide


So, guys, we have shared about volume scheduler which set your android volume to change on a scheduled basis. This app has some unique features such as scheduler of office and home also user can customize these presets according to their need, but the user can easily create an own schedule by clicking on the + icon. Also, we have shown some important settings which will change the default preset.

I think this article will help you to schedule your smartphone volume as per your need.

Thanks for visiting on this website and feel free to leave a comment if you feel any difficulty. Also if you know another app which is similar to this one then comment below.

How To Make Android’s Volume Levels Change with Your Schedule
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