8 SEO Tips You Need For Higher Ranking 2018

SEO is not just a cost, but a long-term investment. Which is the reason why webmasters will not feel pain dishing out a couple of pennies to implement trackers such as serpbook.com to stay updated on whether or not they are making any progress in the SEO world.

The main agenda of employing SEO in your business is to outrank your competitor. Why is the top rank so essential? The top position on search results exposes your business to more opportunities, gets more traffic for your website and increases the authority of your brand, to mention a few. All in all, the top rank is excellent for your business.

Getting to the top, however, is not a piece of cake: not to mean it is unachievable. With the following SEO tips, you will be able to get your site to the next level.

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1.    Produce quality and relevant content

Did you know that the longer visitors stayed on your website, the higher the ranking your site gets? Well, you should consider minimizing the number of bounce rates you get as much as possible. The only way you can prevent visitors from leaving your website just a few seconds after clicking on it is by providing them useful content.

Your content can only be useful to the users if it is of high quality and relevant to the keywords provided. Remember that more dwell time equals higher ranking.

2.    Optimize your images

Image optimization entails using images that are relevant to your content, using an image size that does not interfere with the loading speed of your page and using responsive images to mention a few.

Images will add spice to your articles but remember that over-optimization could be spoiling the broth.

3.    Loading speed

SEO reports show that 40 percent of the people will exit your website if it takes more than 3seconds to load. Note that this will increase your bounce rate, reduce your dwell time and lead to a loss of 7 percent of your conversions. These will undoubtedly affect your site ranking.

There are so many ways that you could make your page loading speed excellent. One is minimizing redirects, reducing the number of plugins, optimising your images and ensuring that your code is streamlined and clean.

4.    Social sharing

Incorporating social share buttons on your website could be very beneficial. First of all, it betters the user experience as the visitors are spared from the hassle of copy-pasting content from one page to the other. Also, it has an impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers.

Reports show that 48 percent of consumers say that social sharing affects their buying behavior. A good user experience and steady traffic to your website will definitely work wonders on your ranking.

5.    Readability

If the readability of your content is found wanting, then you might have to suffer the consequences of a high bounce rate. Do not make your visitors walk away by bombarding them with terms that will send them back to their dictionaries.

You should make your content readable, hence useful to the users. Also, Google uses readability in ranking. You do not want your site penalized for bounce rates and not being able to help the users. Use simple and understandable terms no matter how well-educated your audience may be.

6.    Broken links

No one wants to encounter 404 crawl errors every time they visit your site. Which is the reason why you need to get rid of broken links. Broken links translate to an abandoned site, and they are not good for SEO ranking.

You do not have to go through much hassle to clean up your website. There is much software that can help you with hunting down broken links on your website.

7.    Optimize your site for mobile use

There are no doubts about the world going mobile: you might be surprised to find out that 60 percent of the searches are done on mobile devices. What does this mean? It means that most of your visitors get to your site from their mobile devices and you need to make the experience worth their while.

Failing to optimize your site for mobile users will be a set back to the user experience, which will, in turn, affect your ranking.

8.    Contact information

It is something that you should not ignore: it can make or break SEO. Not only should you provide your contact information, but it should be legit.

Have you ever tried to get contact information for a particular website only to find yourself in a maze and end up frustrated? Well, you should not make your visitors go through the same. Also, if contact information lacks, users might start sending reports questioning your credibility. It will send your SEO to the drains.

If you keep the tips in mind through your SEO endeavor, you can rest assured that your ranking will be satisfactory.

8 SEO Tips You Need For Higher Ranking 2018
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