How to Turn off / Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android {Fixed}

Fix Screen Overlay detected– I know many of you facing this common error on your Android device and that error is fix screen overlay detected. It’s a common error which mainly causing in Samsung devices. But some other smartphone getting this problem every time.

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In this guide, you will learn about how to fix screen overlay detected an error on android phone. Just follow the below article and learn about how to turn off/ fix it.

Screen overlay detected

Screen overlay detected

What is screen overlay Detected?

A screen overlay is a part of the application that can display over the top of other apps. Facebook messenger is the perfect example as you can see the chat heads at the top. But application which you are using needs your permission to use screen overlay. As you can see the notification, but sometimes this can cause you some type of irritation.

For example, If an application is displayed something over the top of a permission dialog; it could trick you by granting permission to it. But if might contain the stuff you might not want, or you don’t like it. A screen overlay has added the feature to Android for the security reason; it is started from the Android version marshmallow.

How to fix Screen overlay Detected?

A screen overlay is not an error; it is just a security measure added by an Android version which is started from the marshmallow. This problem can be easily solved.

Here are the steps to solve the screen overlay problem. These steps are for all the Android smartphones except Samsung and LG.

Step-1: Firstly go to the settings.

Open Application manager

Open Application manager

Step-2: click on apps which are present over there.

Step-3: Now tap on the gear icon which is present on top right corner of the phone.

Step-4: After opening, click on “App permissions.”

Step-5: after opening, you will find the different options which are present in the phone that are contacts, SMS, microphone, location, contacts, location, etc. you can see the number of apps using them by tapping on the particular feature.

Apps present menu

Apps present menu

Step-6: Go to the feature that you want to restrict. For example, if we go to microphone we can permit the applications like messages, chrome etc. If we tap on the locations, you can see the apps which are using the apps feature of location.

That’s it! Now you can give the permission to the apps for screen overlay

For Samsung phone Solve Screen Overlay Detected:

Samsung phones are slightly different, but it is easy to solve the problem. There are two methods to solve the screen overlay.

Method 1:

Step-1: Open settings on your Samsung smartphone and click on applications.

Step-2: Now a list will be appeared on the screen, tap on “Application Manager” and then click “more” which is present on top right corner of the screen

Step-3: After clicking you will find the option “Apps that can appear on the top,” if there is no such option tap on “special access” which is present in the same menu, you will find it there.

Step-4: After click on that you can see the list of application, now you can disable apps using the screen overlay by individual clicking.


If the above-given method doesn’t solve your problem, then try the following method which is used to solve screen overlay in your Samsung devices.

Step-1: Open settings, you can find “Display and Wallpapers” option.

Step-2: after clicking you can see the list of applications, now tap on “one-handed operation”.

Step-3: after clicking tap on “side key panel.”

Step-4: Now you can turn off the apps using the overlay.

For LG phones:

LG PHONES are slightly different, but it is easy to disable the screen overlay by following steps. Here also there are two methods to solve the screen overlay.


Step-1: Open the setting in you LG device.

Step-2: click on “apps.”

Step-3: after opening the apps click on the Three-dot button menu which is present on the top-right corner of the screen and selects the configure apps from the list.

Step-4: After clicking you can find “Draw over other apps” option in the menu, open it you can see the list of apps with the permission.

Step-5: Click on the applications that you want to disable the permission to it.

Resetting method:

If the above methods don’t solve the problem, then try the following method which is also used to solve the problem of screen overlay in your android devices.

Step-1: Open the settings on your android device.

Step-2: tap on “apps” option which is present in the list.

Step-3:  Now tap on “more” option or three dotted menu which is present in the top right corner of the screen. Also, you can find reset app preferences option.

Step-4: tap on it to reset the permissions.

Why is screen overlay used?

How to solve screen overlay detected

How to solve screen overlay detected

Android introduced screen overlay for the security reasons. It was introduced from the marshmallow. It would restrict specific apps to use your contacts. You might be noticed that when you installed a new app for the first time. Android will ask you for the permissions of the app to allow your photos, camera, etc. until you give permission to android the app does not use your contacts.


To prevent further screen overlay messages, uninstall the applications like a clean master, Du speed, etc. Which will frequently download the side apps and overlays your screen

Video Guide


A screen overlay is not an error to the phone it is adopted by Android for the security purpose; it does not allow any data to the phone to app until you give the permission.

I think guys, it’s done from my side. Now it’s your turn, share this article with your friends and family and let them know about how to solve screen overlay detected the issue.

How to Turn off / Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android {Fixed}
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