How to Run two WhatsApp in single android phone-Non Rooted

Hey, guys in today I am gonna show you how to run two WhatsApp account in the single android phone. Whenever I search on Google about run two WhatsApp in the single android phone that time I got lots of results regarding this trick. So I thought why I should not post this trick in my ShouTricks so friends here I am back again with the awesome and ultimate trick in which I will show you how to get two WhatsApp accounts in non-rooted, android smartphone.

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 Most of the users are in the world and they want to use two WhatsApp on their single android phone because of office and home they want to keep the separate WhatsApp number for office and another one for Home. Most users think that they can’t run two WhatsApp account on non-rooted the android phone but it’s possible to run two WhatsApp on non-rooted the android phone without any problem. For running two WhatsApp in your one Android phone you have to use another modded WhatsApp app which comes with lots of features. The only you need OG WhatsApp and the second one is Original WhatsApp app. 

run 2 whatsapp
run 2 whatsapp

Whatsapp is a famous social app which is famous among the people. Most of the users having the smartphone using WhatsApp on their phone because of instant messaging and voice call feature. Now WhatsApp has added lots of features like Bold italic underline link preview sending PDF and so on. Now the WhatsApp has become totally free for everyone for the lifetime no extra fee required. Now the WhatsApp trying to add video call feature soon but the video call feature is not yet available right now. Before some time, the video call feature of WhatsApp app has leaked just forget about this and come to the main point that it’s our official WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp 

OG WhatsApp is another type of WhatsApp which is helpful for running second WhatsApp account on the same android phone. OG WhatsApp is more powerful than typical WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, you have to pay fees after six months but now the WhatsApp become totally free no extra fees required. But in a case of OG WhatsApp, it’s totally free for the users. The best thing about this modded WhatsApp is that it comes with awesome and unique features like users can send a large amount of file like videos songs and so on. OG WhatsApp lets you make your WhatsApp look fancy you can change top bar color, it’s showing WhatsApp status in conversation windows and so on features in OG WhatsApp. Also,see this:- How to change WhatsApp messages of friends with WhatsApp hack App

Features of OG WhatsApp 

  • Ban proof ko issue for ban WhatsApp account 
  • Support calls like voice calls
  • Hide your last seen like original WhatsApp 
  • Hide second tick with one click
  • Theme modes apply lots of themes on WhatsApp and change look
  • Own Theme server downloads and installs new themes
  • Change tick style like bubble according to your choice 
  • Media preview much advance and fast than original WhatsApp 
  • Send video file to 30 MB instead of 16 MB enjoy sending big file
  • Add status in 250 words instead of 139 
  • The possibility to distinguish between original message and broadcast message 
  • Possible to copy of your friends status just click on friends status and it will copy in clipboard  Check this:- How to put a full profile pic on WhatsApp without cropping
  • Change the app icon and notification from settings 
  • Show always online features when you will not be online 
  • And many other features you can try and use it.


You need two different WhatsApp Apk one will be officially and the second one will be OG modded Apk

  1. Original WhatsApp download From here
  2. OG modded WhatsApp download from here

How to run two WhatsApp account in  non-rooted android phone 

Official WhatsApp 

  • Download the official WhatsApp from here if you already have then ignored this step
  • Now install your original WhatsApp and open it
  • Agree on terms and conditions 
  • Sign up with your phone number and verify via OTP 
  • Now set your profile picture and enter your name also add status 
  • Now click on OK after all steps complete 
  • Enjoy your first WhatsApp account in single smartphone 

Second WhatsApp account 

OG WhatsApp 

  • Download the OG WhatsApp from above or download from here
  • Note –: the OG WhatsApp is not officially WhatsApp application so this app is not available on play store 
  • After downloading complete install the OG WhatsApp and open it
  • Agree on the terms and conditions 
agree terms and conditions
agree terms and conditions
  • Sign up with your second phone number and verify it via OTP
  • After all, steps complete now set your second WhatsApp profile picture and enter your second WhatsApp account name + add your WhatsApp status
set profile
  • After adding status click on OK now your second WhatsApp successfully installed on your same android phone 
  • Enjoy the second WhatsApp account in single android phone


So friends in this guide we learned how to install two WhatsApp apps in the same android phone without any problem. We can run two WhatsApp accounts on the same time and in a same android phone without any problems. To run second WhatsApp account only we need OG WhatsApp app and install it. With the help of OG WhatsApp, we can run the second WhatsApp account. The OG WhatsApp comes with awesome features which I mentioned above so friends it’s the post about running two WhatsApp on same phone hope you guys like it
hey, guys if you feel any problem and wants to talk to use simple shoot comment below I will surely give you answer and try to solve your problem and thanks for visiting my blog visit again for latest android tricks and deals because I am posting tricks on the regular basis.
How to Run two WhatsApp in single android phone-Non Rooted
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