Repair Corrupted Memory Card and Pendrive

How to fix corrupted memory card and pen drive using the simple technique. So friends in this post I will show you how to get rid of the corrupted memory card and solve it So what we do if our memory card or pen drive get corrupted and how to fix it.

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 Now a day everyone using smartphones for entertainment purpose most of  the users are here who use their smartphone only for listening music, Watching videos, movies, playing action games and also storing some data in it. also, most of us using it for work purposes like storing word file excel file storing powerpoint and so on we are also using our smartphone for picture capture because now a day selfie word is famous in more youngest and most everyone knew about selfie word its kind of crazy for taking own photos from front cameras.

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 Now the point comes on our memory card which makes our work easy for every purpose such as playing video games listening music watching videos and movies, clicking pictures from phones, making office related  files and storing it everything depends on our memory card because phone memory is limited to users to store data so everyone wants to increase it using external memory storage device. Mostly everyone will say memory card because memory card makes our work easy and help us to store a large amount of data such as 32 GB 64 GB and so on. Now the point comes on the main topic. whenever our memory card gets corrupted and how-how to fix it. In this post, we can  repair corrupted memory card and pen drive using simple technique without using any software but we need computer or laptops 

Repair Corrupted Memory Card and Pendrive
Repair Corrupted Memory Card and Pendrive

Why Our memory card or pen drive get corrupted 

In this era everyone using smartphones, laptops, and Computer. So the fact is coming on major issue viruses. So viruses are piece of codes which is capable of copying  itself and typically has the detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data. In normal word viruses are kind of illegal action which makes our device slow and hard it. In smartphone everyone using the internet now the virus comes from the internet, the main viruses names are malware and trojan horse which can damage our memory card 

How to Repair corrupted memory card and pen drive using CMD

  • Firstly you need computer or laptops to repair corrupted memory card and pen drive 
  • Now Open CMD using Run command and type CMD in it Like this CTRL+R now Type CMD and click ok

  • Now Type Diskpart command in it press enter and click on ok 
  • Now the Diskpart open type commands following 
  • Firstly type list disk 
  • Then select disk No. [NOTE:- if your pen drive or memory card disk is 1 select it]
  • Now type Clean in CMD and press enter
  • Now type Create partition primary and press enter
  • Now type Active and press enter
  • Now enter the command select partition 1
  • Now type format fs=fat32 and then press enter 
  • Now your memory card will repair after completing CMD process 
  • It will take sometimes to format your memory card or pen drive  so please calm and wait 

All commands looks like this 

Enjoy this awesome tutorial to repair memory card and pen drive  and thanks for visiting my blog to get awesome tutorial and free recharge, deals visit here

Repair Corrupted Memory Card and Pendrive
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