How to Remove watermark/Logo from Prisma images

Hey, guys, I am here with another awesome trick in which I will show you how you can remove watermark or logo from Prisma edited images. Prisma app is now become a trending application for Android users. Now it has finally launched for android users. Now, these days Prisma app is a trending app on play store . When was the Prisma beta version was launched it has crossed thousands of downloads in a day. Now Prisma photo editor app is officially launched for android phones on play store and it can be download on Android phone. The Prisma and Pokemon go both app have crossed million of downloads within a month and they both are quite a popular app for Android users. Also, see this:- Here is a simple tricks How to check who is using your Wi-Fi connection in android

Remove watermark from prisma images
 Remove watermark/Logo from Prisma images

The Prisma app was the only 1st photos editor app which crossed 10 millions of downloads within a month and it’s download increasing day by day because of popularity. Before talking about how to disable logo on Prisma images I want to tell you something about the Prisma app. Prisma app was only available for iPhone users and it took some time to cross millions of downloads in iOS but the sad part was that time it was not available for Android platform. basically, a question comes to each and every person mind who uses the internet that why the Prisma app is popular? Answer:- it turns your boring pictures into famous painting and arts created by a famous painter like Picasso and another printer. You can find lots of filters in this app you just need to click any picture and the filter option will enable. Now choose any filter  and save it. Also checkout this:-How to check own Mobile Number Almost All Operator Finally, you have created your Prisma looking photo now the problem occurs here when you open your pictures then you will notice about Prisma logo which makes your photo bad. Now you can remove it by the simple method.

Whenever you will capture any pic or pictures of someone and choose your favorite filter for photos after the converting process you will get your pictures with Prisma watermark. So why it make your pictures with Prisma logo? because the Prisma app only works on  an online server it makes your photos online and then provide you images, first of all, it uploads the picture on the server when the filter successfully applied it provides a downloadable image. If you are Android geek and using the Internet on Daily basis then I am sure that you have used the Prisma app also sometimes you would get server problem issues. Why server problem issues occurs in Prisma app? Before I told you that Prisma app has become trending and famous photo editing app and the  server problem occurs when a large number of users use Prisma app at the same time. So guys wait has over, hold your hand  tighten your seat belt here we go for removing watermark for Prisma images

How to Disable watermark/Logo from Prisma Images

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  • First of all, you need to download the Prisma app on your android smartphone if you haven’t yet downloaded. Download it from play store
  • Now download the Prisma app and install it 
Download the prisma
Download the prisma
  • After download, completely open the app 
  • Take any picture by using your camera or you can use any picture from gallery option 
  • After choose picture applies any filter and downloads it as the result you will get the Prisma watermark is in the picture.
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Remove watermark from images

  • Open your Prisma app 
  • Now you will see the main screen with tree setting 
  • From the main photo-taking screen Hit the setting button 
Click on setting
Click on setting
  • Now Uncheck the Add watermark setting
disable Add watermark
disable Add watermark
  • That it clicks on back button and starts taking photos without Prisma Logo 
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Removed Logo
Removed Logo

Wrapping Up

In this post, i told you a simple method of removing watermark from the images. This is a simple option for Prisma app users. Lots of the Prisma app usres know about this feature but most of the people dont know about Disableing the watermark in Prisma app. For removing Logo from the images we dont required any 3rd party sodtware. Prisma app has become viral now a day on internet and almost all android,Ios users know about it and they are using this app also my college friends using this awesome app for making arts and other things but they all are worried about the watermark of prisma app. Also, checkout this:- How to Record Android Screen without Root requirement  They remove the prisma logo by cropping the pictures but this is not a good solution for picture because sometime our important part get miss by cropping or cutting pictures. Now with the help of disabling add watermark option on prisma we can share our images withour any watermark or logo. Now we can share our prisma app images on facebook withour any tension. I hope you guys like this post. if you want to talk to me about the trick, you can comment below i will suerly answer all comments. 
How to Remove watermark/Logo from Prisma images
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