How to Remove Shortcut Virus From USB & Computer

Remove Shortcut Virus From USB-Do you want to remove shortcut virus from your computer or USB/Pendrive? If yes, then you are the right place. In this generation, many people are commonly using computers and laptops in their homes. You like to transfer the data from one system to another system with the help of USB or data cable.

Sometimes, when you connect these devices to an infected computer and then transfer any file. An obscure malware naturally taints them. This is known as Shortcut infection.

What is Shortcut Virus?

Now a day’s many people are troubling with the shortcut virus as it is entered from an infected computer which can’t be recognized by the user. Shortcut virus is nothing but the unknown malware that comes to your USB or computer by connecting to an infected device causes shortcut virus.

Remove Shortcut Virus

Remove shortcut virus

Remove shortcut virus

Shortcut virus produces a shortcut folder to your original final which gives an irritation. Shortcut virus is a dangerous threat to the computer which spreads throughout the computer and creates a shortcut to all files and folders. When you click an original file, it produces the multiple files. This virus hides your all original data and creates various numbers of shortcut files with the same name and cannot be operated by you.

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Shortcut virus is very dangerous as your antivirus cannot recognize it. If you deleted the shortcut files, also it will recover quickly.

Types of shortcut virus:

There are two types of shortcut virus

  1. The Flash drive shortcut virus
  2. File and the folder shortcut virus

Flash drive shortcut virus:


It is one of the most potent virus. Hacker can get your personal data/ Information by a trojan virus. It gathers every file in your computer and hides the files in one folder which is hidden. Then it creates a flash disk shortcut.exe file. There is no chance to you but to click on the shortcut.exe file to see your data. Once this process is executed the virus starts serious harm to your computer and steals your personal information if it is not detected.

File and folder shortcut virus:

Fill and Folder

This is the combination of trojan and worm virus. It gathers all your files and hides all your data. It creates the folders with name shortcut.exe, shortcut.vbs etc.; once you click on that file. The shortcut file gets increases and virus starts to infect your computer.

How to remove shortcut methods from your USB and computer:

There are so many methods to remove the dangerous virus called as shortcut virus from your pc, USB, etc.;

Method 1: Removing the shortcut virus using command prompt:

in this method you can use the command prompt to remove shortcut virus on your pc, pen drives, etc.; it is one of the prominent methods where you can recover quickly.

  • Firstly click on the start button go running and type cmd and then hit enter

Now enter the name of your drive where the shortcut virus is located example “local disk a, b” and hit enter.

  • Type the following command on the screen and click enter.
“attrib a:*.* /d/s-h-r-s


attrib-h-r-s/s/d a:\*.*(if a is the local disk)

That’s it! Wait for the process it will recover the shortcut virus in pen drive.

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Method 2: how to remove shortcut virus permanently on your pc.

Now, this method is one of the essential techniques where you can remove the shortcut virus by downloading a shortcut virus remover.

  • Firstly download the shortcut virus remover from the given link

   Click Here to Download

  • Now extract it using file decomposer.
  • Now open the shortcut virus remover and run it. Make sure that you are running it on your flash drive.
  • Choose the drive you wanted to clean. Select and click on scan button
  • It takes few minutes for scanning click enter after scanning. It will display all the infected files.
  • Delete all the infected files. That’s it! Your computer is ultimately safe it is straightforward to remove shortcut virus permanently on your pc.

Note: If you reinstalled and fixed your pen drive to your computer, if you again got to see those then there is the problem with your pc. Firstly you have to clean the pc by the above method by installing a shortcut virus remover into your system.

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There are many shortcut virus removers but avast is one of the best.

Trojorm and shortcut virus fix folder:


There are many shortcut virus removers but trojan and shortcut virus fix folder are two shortcut virus removers were you can permanently delete the shortcut virus from your pc

this is one of the best methods like command prompt.

  1. It is similar to above process. Firstly install this shortcut virus removers by the below link
  2.    Download Now
  3. Select the folder where the virus is infected and scan the folder.
  4. After scanning click enter and delete the folders which are infected that it!! Your system is free of the virus.

How to Avoid Shortcut Virus:

Shortcut virus is very dangerous to your pc and pen drives as it steals your personal information. There are few tips to avoid shortcut virus on your system.

  • Keep your antivirus up to date
  • scan the pen drives while inserting into your computer.
  • Never use the harmful websites
  • never use pen drives on public pc.
  • Use good antivirus to detect the virus.
  • Regular scans to your system.


Shortcut virus is hazardous to your computer which steals your original and personal data and creates many shortcut files on your pc. It is infected to your system by minor mistakes by inserting pen drives to an infected system. It can be easily solved by above methods and take the precautions to avoid the shortcut virus on your pc.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From USB & Computer
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