How to Remove Google search Bar from any Android device

Remove Google Search bar Android– Google is always trying to provide the best service to their users. I think most peoples who are using  Smartphone have an Android installed/type handset😀. Now the question arises why most peoples have an Android device with Android OS installed? The simple answer to this question is the Low price of this handsets with Android OS  installed, it’s true. Google would always care their customers trust even customer pockets. The Google sets mission is to provide the best Smartphone at an affordable price which will not affect the pocket of its users. So, guys, this is the answer to that simple question.  Nowadays, we will talk about how to remove Google search bar from any Android Smartphone quickly without any hesitation or problem.

Easy Guide to Remove Google search bar Android 

There are many ways to remove Google search bar from Android device. These are some ways which will help you to disable the search bar from your Android device. Methods are Drag and drop or uninstall icon, Use some custom launchers which will help you to remove this bar from your phone along with this, it provides a new look to your smartphone, Another best way to remove Google search bar is the installation of custom ROM. Also, some custom ROMs comes preinstalled Google bar but in case of custom ROMs, the user will able to remove this quickly than stock ROM.

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Now the final and most appropriate method for an Android user is to take  ROOT permission, yes, you heard right😉, I think most Android users may root their phone for getting some best features from their gadgets. Also, I had rooted my phone when I bought this but leave it, now come to the main point, By root permission, you can easily remove Google search bar just by a Xposed framework. Only you have to install one app that will help you to remove that widgets from your home screen.Hmm, I know you are waiting eagerly for this method just follow below steps and remove it quickly. We have also Posted this: – How to Flash Custom Recovery/ Kernels using Flashify App

Remove Google Search Bar Android

Now a day everyone knows about Google I think no one here on a world doesn’t know about the famous search engine. Google is known for its products like Gmail, online document editing, play store, and Youtube and so many products are available by Google, and that is the reason why it’s famous. Youtube is one the second big search engine which is used for video searching and online video watch, it’s also a product of Google. According to my Google always want to deliver best services to their consumers, and it wants to show its new product on all Android device.

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Also, i have mentioned above about Google play store which is the biggest app market among the apps. Mostly device equipped with Android OS it could be any version like marshmallow, nougat and I saw mostly Android smartphone has a google search bar on the main Home screen which seems like annoying and useless widgets😑. This widget is a default widget by Google and users can delete this widget simply by mentioned some easy methods but if your phone has the stock version of Nexus, so I will recommend you don’t remove this widget because many people had face issue after removing it otherwise follow the below steps and disable search bar from any smartphone.

This widget helpful for some time, suppose if I want to open google chrome then I would search through search bar, but mostly I search by another browser by opening direct from their location. I have seen many devices has no any Remove google search bar Android feature, but they can also remove it. I will not recommend you to use this widget because it has no any feature for delete history. If someone searches anything by search bar so, anyone can quickly look on your search history by tapping on that search area, and another browser has the feature of remove or deletes history which is pretty much good because no one wants to show his/her browser history.😛

Requirements for remove Google search bar from any Android device

Remove google search bar android

Remove google search bar android

There are many ways to remove Google default search box, but I will tell some methods which will surely help you to get rid of it and here are some basic requirements for removing this annoying widget from your home screen. Most important is to follow these needs which will help you.

Custom Launchers

You can easily remove it by installing some custom launchers. Download best launchers from below

  1. Nova Launcher(Recommend ! it’s my favorite launcher)
  2. Apex launcher
  3. C-launcher
  4. Hola Launcher

Root Requirement

You need just rooted Android device, and Xposed framework will be installed on your android device

Follow Xposed framework installation guide from Google

  1. Download Xposed Gel App
  2. Custom ROMs
  3. Flash some custom ROMS like mentioned below
  4. MIUI, Resurrection Remix ROM, LineageOS


How to Remove Google search bar from any Android device Quickly

This is one of the easy guides for a newbie because this method doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge about Android or flashing ROMs 😛and all but this method works on some phone such as Samsung, Xiaomi but in the case of Sony or Nexus device it won’t work.

  • First of all, go to your main Home screen and then you have to Tap and Hold on Google search bar
  • After the long press on search box widget. You will able to drag this widget
  • Now Move that widget above, and you will get “X” close icon
Drag and drop

Drag and drop

  • Then just Drag that widgets on “X” icon
  • Finally, you have removed Google widget easily without installing or rooting your device. Now move to the next method

Remove Google search bar By Root method

  • It’s one of the easiest methods for root users who have already rooted their Android device.
  • At first, you must have root permission for removing this widget
  • Your phone must have Xposed framework installed. After root and Xposed installer, you are ready to go
  • Install Xposed gel app from above requirements field
  • Now go to your Xposed framework and allow this app
enable go xposed-gel

enable go Xposed-gel

  • Now Reboot your android device for activation of Xposed module
  • After activation of module, Open Xposed Gel app
  • Then click on the left side menu, and There you will Google search Bar option, Now click on it
google search bar

google search bar

  • Now enable Hide option and Tick on “AUTO hide” option


  • That’s it finally you have removed Google search widget from home screen

NOTE—– Xposed installer must be installed on your device. Also, Xposed Gel module must be activated on your device through a Xposed framework and then reboot your device. If you miss any step from above, then you will not be able to remove this annoying widget from home screen.

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Remove Google search bar by using custom Launchers

  • Download any custom launcher from Play store
  • Then open it, set home screen according to your choice
  • There you will get remove search bar option
  • Just remove it
  • Finally, you have removed search bar using launchers

How to remove Google Search bar widget By Flashing Custom ROMS

NOTE— For flashing your Android device, you must need root permission in your Android device. Also, you will require Custom Recovery such as CWM/TWRP.

  • First of all, you need to install a custom recovery on your Android device. For custom recovery installation guide, refer this article
  • Now you need some ROMS like CM, LineageOS; Resurrection Rom also MIUI is best.
  • Download and flash any ROM on your device but make sure your phone must have 80% battery above.
  • After flashing custom ROMs, on your device and Boom, your Google search bar widget remove. If your search bar did not remove then use just drag and drop method because this method works on any custom ROMS

Final words

So, guys, we have mentioned all relevant and possible way to Remove Google search bar Android widgets from any Android device. As we know that the drag and drop function works on some stock, ROMS also works on custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and lineages ROM.  But the best method for removing the search bar from any Android must need root permission and then Xposed framework installed on your device Xposed gel module/app required for disabling the Google search widget.

I hope you guys like this article. If You like this article, then share it with your friends, and if you have any doubt🙂 or problem regarding his method then comment below, I will surely answer all comments and Thanks for visiting my blog.

How to Remove Google search Bar from any Android device
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