How to turn your Pictures Into Cartoon without using Photoshop

Turn yourself into cartoon

Make a cartoon of yourself– Hey guys I didn’t post any article from the long day because i have an exam also I have sifted my blog on self-hosted WordPress site😀, that’s is a reason i didn’t post, but now I am back again with another an impressive trick. The trick is about how to convert your photos into the cartooning look.

Yes, we can turn photos into cartooning with the help of Photoshop, but it requires some real knowledge and time for creating one which looks like the cartoon, it’s straightforward and easy article in which you will get the easiest method for turning your photos into looks like a cartoon picture without using Photoshop.😉

Photoshop is a popular graphics and images editing tool in among all photos editing software. It comes with many features. Mostly visual editor using Photoshop for editing photos, many graphics designer using Photoshop for Creating pictures. It’s a powerful tool of the superior suite but wait why we are talking about Photoshop Because we will not use this software for creating cartoon images. You may also like this: – How to check who is using your Wi-Fi connection in android

Now a day everyone using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter for sharing own photos. They edit these pictures with the help of software editing tools and Android apps which apply the filters and effects on your photos, some of us increase the brightness, contrast adding some emojis on our pictures😋. All things require Photoshop or good editing android apps or iPhone apps.

Turn your photos into cartoon

How to Make a Cartoon of Yourself without using Photoshop

How to convert someone photo into cartoon looks

As we know that the Photoshop is the best tool for graphic and photo editing but it requires the proper knowledge of graphic editing and photo designing also the main thing about Photoshop is, it is a paid tool which requires some investment before starting of editing or making pictures. 

Overall photoshop app is better for photo editing🙂, but you have to pay something for getting this fantastic tool another one is knowledge about photoshop. It requires photo editing knowledge and time, no doubt about photoshop can do any photo editing work with efficiently and smoothly without getting any problem but have some limitation which is told above. Also Check out this: – How To Enable Google Assistant Feature on Any Android Device

 Today I will show you how to make yourself into cartoon without using photoshop Yes you heard right; now you could convert your photos into cartoon without using any photoshop kind photo editing tools or Android apps. I will tell you an online website which will do your work easily without facing any problem and time just you have to upload a picture which one do you want to change into cartoonish or want to give cartoonish style and then choose effects and apply them to photos, That’s it.

Easy way to Make a Cartoon of Yourself without using Photoshop

Yes, you read right now you don’t need any photo editing tools like Photoshop, capture, Gimp, magic, Photo scrap, Capture one, radlab, coral after shot pro and so many photos editing tools are available for desktop to do his graphic editing job also this software using for applying filters, effects, huge emoji, brightness, contrast hue saturation.

Now you can create/turn your images into a cartoon with the help of some online websites. These websites are Befunky, picmonkey and so on. I will not mention more names because these two websites are best in converting photos into the cartoon and it requires no any graphic or photo editing knowledge just need some patients and internet connection. So guys wait has over, Hold your hand tighten your seat belt because here we go.

Requirements Before converting your pictures into cartoon

Here we have mentioned some requirements for converting your images into cartoon look. The basic requirements are specified below follow them and turn  yourself into cartoon

  • Need Smartphone or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • one picture whom you want to make the cartoon

How to Make a Cartoon of Yourself without using Photoshop

  • At first, you have to visit on Befunky website which will help you to turn your photos into a cartoonish look.
  • Visit Befunky website from here
  • Now the main screen will be visible and now just click on the above Photo Editor option from center above. Click on it
Click on upload

click on the above icon Upload image

  • Now upload your desired photo which you want to give cartoon style. You can choose any picture from your computer, or you can capture One from your webcam also more option available like Facebook, Google Drive, Drop Box for uploading Image
  • Upload one and proceed to the next step, after uploading image
  • You will get more option for editing but click on the fifth icon from right above side
Choose artsy option for effect

Click on artsy icon

  • Just click on Artsy icon and it will show you a bunch of cartoon effects, just you need to select any effect from the list. It will take some loading for effect apply, after successfully effect applies, you will able to download photos.
  • Just click on Save Option from the above menu, and it will give you the bunch of option for saving a picture on a computer, Befunky, Dropbox, Google Drive and Facebook.
Click on the save option

Click on save option

  • That’s it finally you made a picture of yours as cartoon look. You could use any effects from the given cartoon filter or apply another filter for the sake of fun. There are many tools available on the internet which works similar to this app just you need to search photo editing tool and then use it.😉

Final words

So guys we have mentioned the easiest way to make a cartoon of yourself without using any software like photoshop😛. As I told you above Photoshop is the best photo editing tool for creating images or photos. Almost all Graphic designer are using Photoshop for graphic designing. The cartoon effect is one of the severe effects on photoshop. But in this article, we have learned how to convert any photo into a cartoon. I hope you guys like this article if you like this article then share it with your friends and family. We have also posted this Enable OnScreen Navigation keys on Any Android Device

If you feel any problem regarding this article then comment below. I will surely answer all comment and Thanks for visiting my blog

How to turn your Pictures Into Cartoon without using Photoshop
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