Prank your friends with fake love calculator app

Love Calculator Prank- Hey guys we back again with another mind blowing trick and we worked a lot in making this article so that you can easily understand this article and apply it to your android device.This article is all about various love calculator apps for your android device.We came with this trick because we love our visitors who read the articles from our blog.

First of all, we tried this various ultimate love calculator apps of our own and then we write this article that is fully relevant for our visitors.

Through this love prank apps, you can easily calculate your love percentage with your special ones. Believe us guys this trick is very entertaining and interesting to use.

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When we are going to explain about this trick so the first question comes in our mind that is this app can be installed or run in all android versions including various old and new versions of the android operating system.

fake Love calculator prank

fake Love calculator prank

Love Calculator Prank

We know, now you very eager to read this article and after reading this article you may also do installation process through which you will be able to run ultimate love calculator apps on your android device. After the installation

After the installation process, once this application is been successfully installed on your android device, you can enjoy a bunch of entertaining facts or love factors and also love percentage calculator with anyone else. Also see this: – Download and install Xposed framework on lollipop device

Well, we would like to tell you that these apps are free and no need to pay any single coin for it. For your satisfaction or help, we provide various links to download these apps free of cost.

We searched a lot on the internet and got one love calculator app which runs free on your android device whether it may root or non-root. You can use this love calculator prank app for Whatsapp and Instagram.

Also, We believe you like and love or enjoy this trick a lot. some people think that rooted android device is necessary for this but we would like to tell you that this application which we mention are absolutely free.

Example of fake love calculator

Test Your Love

There are so many Fake love calculator apps available here like:-

  1. Love calculator real
  2. True love calculator
  3. Love calculator scanner
  4. Real love test calculator
  5. Love calculator
  6. Love calculator prank( most interesting among all)

Ultimate Love Calculator Prank

Love calculator prank

Love calculator prank

Here are some love calculator apps

  • Love Calculator Real: –This love calculator app is fantastic, get it now from here. it shows the true results of love between you and your partner or girlfriend/boyfriend .if you want to find love percentage with your special ones so that you can download this app. Download it now for your comfort. See this also: – Wake up your phone with volume button

This app is a very logical app and calculates the exact value of your love.

  • True Love Calculator: – It is a fantastic app and it was hundred percentage real hehe guys it just a prank it does not tell your exact love percentage but somehow it is true. This show the real love.

It is simple to use just need the names and birthdays of the lovers.

  • Real love test calculator: -friends download this app is a great honor for you and it’s so is simple to use and get it easily to find love percentage between two persons whether the person may be your girlfriend/ boyfriend, your parents, your best friends and simple friends etc.

You can easily get this app by searching love calculator scanner in play store. It is absolutely real because we tried it by own.

  • Love Calculator scanner: – This app will get you really excited for all the tests. if you wanna find if you have a chance with your crush than definitely get this app.

This is an awesome app for finding crush thumb and pic is almost fit to built to each other.

  • Love Calculator: – you loved this app because it worked perfectly and it was amazing. It will give you joy when you use this app and start checking your love status with someone. Everybody should use this app almost, we even prefer this app to download and use it with your android devices.

Now we are going to share most awaited trick of this article, we hope you like it.

  • Love Calculator Prank: – This app is really a love calculator prank and you like it most when you download and use this app. This is a very interesting app, you can make prank of your friends.

How to Prank Your Friends with Fake Love Calculator

  • Download this app from    Love Calculator app
  • First, complete your identification process by entering your name and email address so that you will become eligible to use this app.
sign up

sign up

  • Now create a link by pressing create link button.
copy link

copy link

  • Start to share your link via WhatsApp/facebook etc. With your friends.
copy link

copy link

  • Also, tells them it is real so that they can believe you and must try this link or we can say prank.
test your love

test your love

  • Finally, when your friend or crush enter their crush name to calculate love percentage, you’ll get results in your login page.

If you like someone then he/she is in confusion either he/she love you or not. So by making prank through this app, your loved ones think about you because your name is mentioned in the link which is generated by your can also send your entertaining or

you can also send your entertaining or self-building link to all your crushes. So that they will fall in love with you. All you need to download this app and enter your name, your email then create an ink by your own and send it your friends also tell them it’s a real love calculator when they open that link it loves like real love calculator website link.

Final words

So, guys, we have mentioned how to download and install love calculator app in your android device. this app is useful for the persons who will like to prank others.

On the internet, you can find lots of love calculator apps but this guide will help you to download the exactly one which you want. Our articles are so easy to understand and easy to implement in your android device, we love our visitors that is why we providing this types of interesting articles every day for you guys

I think it will complete now if you face any type of problem regarding this app or find any issue while using this app then please let us know by dropping your comments and we help you regarding any problems you faced while using this app.

Your comments will appreciate us so keep commenting and if you like this blog so subscribe it please

Prank your friends with fake love calculator app
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