[ROM] LineageOS Stable firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

LineageOs Stable Rom– LineageOs  ROM is another kind of Rom which is similar to the cyanogen mod ROM. lineageOS ROM is an Android open project in which various Android community has contributed their self for making this awesome ROM. Finally, with the lots of hard work, it is available for Xiaomi Redmi  3S prime😉 with lots of new features which will increase the power of smartphone also flexibility.

As we know that the lineageOs is a free community built firmware for official Android 6.0 .1 marshmallow which is designed and developed for better user experience and reliability than comparing to stock ROM. LineageOS ROM is similar to cyanogen mod ROM; it comes with Android 6.0 marshmallow version with better performance and good user interface in lineage os ROM😀. CyanogenMod ROM is better for customization for the android device because of the new and advance feature on that ROM, but lineageos ROM is similar to the cyanogen mod ROMs which comes with various ROM functionality and UI.

Download LineageOs ROM on your Android device

LineageOs ROM

LineageOs ROM

LineageOs ROM is similar to the CyanogenMod 13 version ROM. Also, we know that the CyanogenMod comes with better user experience and functionality. It has more function than any other ROM such as Resurrection remix ROM. Most of us like CyanogenMod ROMs because of its theme engine and better user interface.😋 The google play store has thousands of free CyanogenMod themes with excellent features and functionality which helps to the user for a better experience. That is the main reason why the most people like to buy Oneplus Phones because it comes with preinstalled CyanogenMod ROM. Now Lineage oS ROM has adopted many features of CyanogenMod ROM such as function and performance. We have also posted this: –How to Root Xiaomi Red Mi Note Prime with SuperSu

Install lineageOS ROM on Xioami Redmi 3S prime

As we know that the lineageOS ROM has better UI and GUI and it comes up with many function and performance. CyanogenMod has a large number of Themes and user also can make the own theme by theme engine and lineage os ROM supported CyanogenMod Themes which is good for this ROM and day to day it is improving. LineageOS ROM also supported CM12 and CM13, and it required themes engine otherwise it may not work😜.

Features of ROM and Improvements on LineageOS ROM

There are no any bugs found on this ROM, and it works fine on any Xioami device. It has many features like Volte enable yes it supports volte allow feature means you can perform high definition calls over 4G network and use Jio sim on your Android device without facing any legs or problems. If we talk about RAM optimization lineageOS ROM has better Rom optimization and you will not face any legs or hacks problem while using this ROM.

Bugs and changelogs

This ROM is more customize for a particular device such as Xiaomi Redmi 3s  prime. It has no any significant bugs found even minor. All BUGS were fixed after compilation of the ROM, and that’s why it perform better on your device

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Requirements for installing LineageOs Rom on Redmi 3S prime

Here we have mentioned some basic requirements for getting lineage os ROM on Redmi 3s prime. Download the required ROM and required files from below.

  1. LineageOS ROM
  2. Gapps (ARM android version 6.0)
  3. Custom Recovery like TWRP/CWM
  4. Root Requirements-[Most Important] Before proceeding further, Your Android phone must have root permission.
  5. Some human brain😀

How to install LineagOS ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 3s prime

  • Note- Before continuing, your Xiaomi Redmi 3s prime must have root permission and battery must be 80- 90 %.
  • First of all, you have to download lineageOS ROM from above given download link in the requirements field
  • After successful download ROM. Keep that ROM on your external SD card(Memory Card)
  • Before flashing ROM on your device, make sure your phone must be charged up to 70%.  According to me and Ideal power, the charge is 80%-90% which will save your phone being damaged during flashing time.
  • Now you need a custom recovery for doing all these processes, For download your custom recovery like CWM or TWRP google it.
  • After installation of custom recovery, you all are set for flashing ROM. Only need root requirements and decent battery level and nothing else
  • Now boot into recovery mode using TWRP and backup your current ROM for safety purpose
TWRP 3 recovery

TWRP 3 recovery

  • After taking successful backup. You need to wipe system data/wipe Dalvik cache/ and cache
wipe all data

wipe all data

  • Now flash custom Lineage os ROM using TWRP 3.0X recovery on your Android device
  • After successfully flashing ROM then flash Gapps(Google apps) zip using TWRP recovery
  • Then Reboot your Xiaomi Redmi 3S prime
  • It might take some time if you have flashed custom ROM first time. So don’t worry because it will take a while otherwise your phone will turn on quickly

Enjoy the Lineage os Rom on your Xioami Redmi 3S prime and feel the real joy of mixed feature of CyanogenMod. Becuase lineageOS ROM has features of CM, and the best thing about this ROM has no any Bugs or error if you will find any error then comment below.


OS ROM screenshot

OS ROM screenshot

LineageOs screenshots

LineageOs screenshots





 Final words

So guys we have mentioned about lineage os ROM and how to flash this ROM on Xiaomi 3S prime😋. Now you can feel the real joy of lineage os ROM on your Xiaomi device and make your phone more looks and function better than the stock ROM. I have tested this ROM personally, and I feel that this ROM contains better UI and GUI. Before going to flash this ROM make sure your Android device must have root permission nd Battery required 70-80% because it will help you to be a safe side. And most important, make a backup of your current ROM using TWRP recovery and then Wipe your system data, Dalvik cache, and cache from Android device. Gapps is most important part of ROM so download the gapps from above and flash it after flashing custom ROM then reboot your device. It will take some time to turn on, so don’t worry and keep flashing ROMs.

I hope you guys like this article. I guess that’s it 😜!! Share and Bookmark it Comments are appreciated, do share your thoughts and result Also comment bugs if you find and Thanks for visiting my blog

[ROM] LineageOS Stable firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime
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