Top 5 Alternatives to kickass torrents (

Kickass Alternative-Now I am going to tell you about the top 5 alternatives to kickass torrents. Torrens established in 2008, and it is the most controversial website. But the users and people can share freely and can download music, movies, and games for free of cost for all the regions in the world.

Be that as it may, the experts are chasing down this site because of assumed copyrights issue. The US government succeeded bringing the down the kat domain. The kat was banned in 2016 by us government even the proxy servers of the torrents were removed. Many torrents fans are shocked and disappointed by hearing this news as they cannot download any pirated copies.

And it is great to hear that there are many directories similar to kat. If the kat goes down, you can also download the kinds of stuff on these kickass torrents alternatives.

Top 5 alternatives to kickass torrents

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Here we have listed top 5 best alternatives to kickass torrents or that you can use in your daily life. Follow the below list os alternatives.

#1. 1337x:



1337x is one of the best alternative websites for kickass torrents which have similar features of torrents. It is a decent website. The UI(user interface) is great. The google banned this site for certain complaints. But again this website moved to the .pl domain to the .to domain to avoid the block.

The landing page would be excellent it comprises of 8 classifications films, music, TV, amusements, applications, anime, documentaries, other.

This website is still blocked in few countries; you can use best VPN website to use this website.

This torrent directory allows you to see the most popular records per classification on day by day, week after week and month to month premise.

One of the best features in this website has it has huge movie and music library where you can get many movies and music to download for free. The library will be in the alphabetical order.

You can search any movie, music, application or game in the search engine provided in the top right corner of the screen.

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#2. IsoHunt:


IsoHunt was established in 2003 which is most loved by many users. Every month there will be 40 different searches conducted by the users using IsoHunt. You can search, upload and download the files like movies, music, etc. in IsoHunt.

The homepage is impressive which consists of 8 categories, and it also consists of a search engine.

     the site URL has changed from to



If you are searching for the movies, is the best torrent directory. If you wanted to watch the film of 720p, 1080p you can choose which is the best movie watching website, and you can also watch 3d films.

The home page consists of both recently uploaded movies and most popular files which are dominated by recently uploaded movies. also gives you the rating of the film and what is the category of the film like action, thriller, romance, etc.;

Be careful while downloading a torrent file as the isp or government agencies can get your personal data. You should download any torrent file by using the best vpn as anyone cannot get your ip address.

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#4. extra torrent

Extra torrent is one of the best alternatives of the kickass torrent. It has similar features of torrents. From November 2015 to March 2017 extra torrent has lost its domain but fortunately, it has back up its domain and still offering the good user interface.

Reading the details of the files at a glance is easy. On the home page, it displays all the best-rated films. It has various categories like movies, music, anime, books, applications, etc.;

You can find the latest uploads easily as it is visible to you on the homepage.

The search engine is also provided as you can easily search any file.

#5. Pirates Bay



Pirates Bay is the dominant and most popular website of kickass alternative torrents. It is the most important directory in the torrents. It was established in 2009.

Just like kat, there are many threads occur to the pirates bay to shut down the website. But the private bay just backups the site where it can give the good interface to the users.

It has many categories like music, movies, applications, games, applications, etc. pirates bay can display you the top 100 files. This also features a category for 3d printable objects. You can download any file for free of cost. The homepage consists of a pirate ship image and a search engine where you can search the file you are interested.

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When kickass torrents were banned there are many people shocked as you can download any audio or video for free, but thankfully there are many alternatives for kickass torrents which have same features as the torrents. But be careful while downloading the torrents files as isp can find your personal data by your ip address use best VPN to hide your ip address so that you can easily download the files.

Top 5 Alternatives to kickass torrents (
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