Top 16 iOS Emulator for PC/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 {Laptop} 2018

Best Ios Emulators for PC-The evergreen, smooth and beautiful operating system for both smartphones and laptop market is Apple’s iOS and Mac OS. iOS is the most widely used in western countries than in India. One of the most secure and user-friendly OS, Did you know that you can use it even without purchasing any Apple product? No more kidneys joke or need to break your bank for buying the iPhone. Exciting right then lets known today how to get an iOS emulator for pc.

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Best ios emulators for pc

Best ios emulators for pc

Wait for a second, are you familiar with the term emulator all the time and don’t know what exactly it is the iOS emulator for PC? So basically emulator is an electronic/virtual program that you’ll be running over your original OS even without making any changes and just a few steps without any confusion. By using this program, we can take advantage of using iOS apps on it and developers of iOS who are about to learn coding (X Code and Swift) can test your beta apps here. So let us see the top best iOS emulator for PC.

What is An IOS Emulator?

Whats is ios Emulator

Ios emulator is one of the best development in the computer industry. The emulator helps us to run another environment apps or other system apps on any computer system. The emulators help us to run desired apps and games on computer PC.

An ios emulator is working on any platforms like Windows and Mac. Yes, these platform supports many emulators to play apps. Well, Ios emulator for windows pc is using widely and they are responsible for ios environments to the users.

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Advantages of Ios Emulator for Windows 

As we know that the emulator is best for users who want to run apps on the computer. Well, ios emulator for pc is one of the best software that enables us to play ios and iphone apps for free on windows computer pc.

In this guide, we are going to mention top best ios emulator for windows pc that can help you to run IOS/Iphone apps.

Top 16 iOS Emulator for PC/Windows

Here is the quick bite of every simulator that will be mentioned below:

  1. Smartface
  2. iPadian
  3. MobiOne Studio
  4. Air iPhone Emulator
  6. Xamarin Testflight
  7. iPhone Simulator
  8. Ipad Simulator
  9. Electric Mobile studio
  10. Ripple 
  11. IMAME
  13. Ipad Simulator
  14. Remoted IOS Simulator
  15. Nintendo 3DS Emulator
  16. IDOS Emulator

#1 Smartface



First up on the iOS emulator for PC list is Smartface is a Windows application that can be used for generation of iPhone interface emulator this helps developers to make cross-platform native iOS applications. It is a handy tool that’ll help starting developers for testing applications.

Smartface also provides debugging options for developers which is an excellent point and plus point for the tool itself. We can add enterprise plug-ins and services that support to extend the apps. It comes with a WYSIWYG based format design editor. We can also find the breakpoints where the application is actually breaking down. Smartface has been rated as best iOS environments. For all this free open source customizability it is one among the iOS emulator for PC placed at the top.

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#2 iPadian



Many people among us very much like iPads for the premium built quality and the rich and smooth OS. But, still, if you can’t get one then you shall definitely try iPadian that’ll give you an interface of iPad. If you got a touch laptop, then you already got the iPad, cheers! For rest don’t worry iPadian is very smooth and buttery interface.

It comes with features like Siri, iMessage and watches app also you can remotely control your Apple TV. iPadian is very user-friendly and highly customizable by giving access to the App store and download all your favorite apps. I rate is as my best iOS emulator for PC.

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#3 MobiOne Studio

mobione studio

Mobione studio

MobiOne Studio is one among the best iOS emulator for Windows that’ll work for developing cross-platform applications for iOS and Android as well. Apps associated with it are built with HTML-5 hybrid model. MobiOne also gives status notifications on the desktop while you are working.

It also enables users by providing few add-ons like sharing standard and web application links via Emails. Among the iOS emulator for PC MobiOne studio also provide frequent updates in order to fix bugs and optimize the apps for latest updates.

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#4 Air iPhone Emulator

iphone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator- Ios emulator for pc

Air iPhone emulator enables the users to access the Apple’s beautiful iPhone User Interface directly. To run this program one shall have installed AIR framework. I can say that you can’t completely have a pure iOS experience as the application is restricted to the only utilization of few features when compared to the real iPhone. A decent running application to experience the raw finish Air iPhone emulator works really fine iOS emulator for PC.

With my personal use, I found many difficulties in dubbing applications and developers may not prefer this. But still for any overall basic iPhone experience, one shall try.

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"<yoastmark is another user’s recommended iOS simulator for Window. The GUI and lookalike iPhone interface staring from the keyboard and all is said to have very easy even for a complete beginner can operate. One can only and easily sync applications that are downloaded through the for any of cloud storage device. Also with all this, they are also developing a web application for the same functionality, and soon you can also use just from the browser for all this is rate as best iOS emulator for PC.

The editor’s choice goes for for overall performance and stability. Users may encounter few glitches as still few bugs are to be fixed. The application has free trial session period for 7 days but worth spending for someone who is very much fascinated.

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#6 Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

One of the top paid application for iOS simulator is Xamarin Testflight as it gives that great performance levels results and easy for anyone to handle with. And well known for best UI as they provide frequent updates to it making it more customizable and cool. Like any other simulator you can run external applications and for the developer can check the stability of app and also create few new things using the custom library and tools provided in it.

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#7 iPhone Emulator

ipad simulator

Among of all the best iOS emulators for windows PC shows the real and actual interface of the iPhone proving to be the best third-party developer. Also, comes with default Apple applications that you may run. This iOS emulator one can drive underdeveloped codes to identify problems in the code and run. This is a most comfortable and free iPhone interface generator. One can also adjust the frame skip settings while testing the application code and for all these pros this is rate one among the best iOS emulator for PC. Also, can be used on Mac, Linux also.

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#8 Ipad Simulator

Iphone Emulator

It is another best iPhone simulator which will help you to use ios feature on your windows pc. It’s chrome extension which requires chrome browser and internet connection, Just you need to download and install this extension in your chrome browser, and rest of other things will work automatically.

But now this extension has closed, you won’t use this extension

#9 Electric Mobile studio

Electric Mobile studio

Electric Mobile studio

It is the best alternative to iPhone simulator but packed with more advanced features. This emulator contains many features and supportable on many windows pc. But the sad part is that it’s paid tool which offers 7 days free trial, and after that, you have to pay some amount for using this amazing ios emulator for pc.

I heard that it’s the best emulator and working fine than any free iPhone emulator. Just go and grab 7-day free trial after that if it suitable for you then buy it.

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#10 Ripple

Ripple emulator

Ripple emulator

Another ios emulator for pc. Ripple is not a software or website which needs the separate download. It is the chrome based extension which is used by many ios developer for testing their applications and apps. Ripple is free of cost and needs chrome browser for accessing this extension. Download this amazing ios emulator extension free of cost from chrome extension section.

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Imame Emulator

Imae Emulator

Imame is another excellent ios emulator which enable us to play ios/iPhone/iPad games on windows pc. This app is totally free, and anyone can use. This emulator can emulate any ios games like the arcade. And you can play various iPhone games on your windows without any problem.

#12 emulator emulator

Appetize.ios is one of the best emulators in ios market where the user can run ios, Samsung, apk apps freely by using their website. This website enables us to upload the ios apps directly to website and test application.

#13 Remoted IOS Simulator

Remoted IOS simulator is best for developers who love to design and develop ios apps regularly basis. It’s complete pack for ios apps tester and debugger. well, it’s similar to the iphone emulator but having some extra features which make it different from them. The best thing about this emulator is that User can directly download the remoted ios simulator installer on windows and play.

#14 Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator

we are including Nintendo 3ds emulator on our list because of its best emulator for games lover. people can play games without any problem. It provides many functions to the gaming users, users can use this emulator for playing Nintendo games and apps for free.

#15 IDOS Emulator

The idos emulator is DOSBox for ios. It is another awesome emulator for windows users. This emulator is easy to port in any platform and can run ios and iphone apps easily.

Ios Emulator Vs. Ios Simulator

Now many of you want to know about the difference between ios emulators vs. ios simulators. Yes, there are much different in these terms. Ios emulator for windows is responsible for running ios apps and games smoothly.

And ios simulator gives the real experience of IOS environment. Simulators play an important role while playing games and app virtually on a computer. By the way, ios emulator is best for windows pc. Try both apps emulators and simulator.

Final Words

Now, guys, you know about top best ios emulator for pc and windows. These emulator works fine on the windows platform and gives similar feel like ios. It’s time to test some new apps, and ios platform free just go and download any of the above emulators.

I think guys it’s done from my side, now it’s your turn, share this content with your friends and let them know about top best ios emulator for pc and windows and thanks for visiting my blog.

Top 16 iOS Emulator for PC/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 {Laptop} 2018
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