How to Use IMessage On PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 {laptop}

Use Imessage on pc– Do you hear about imessage? And want to use this app on your windows pc, Then are at right place just read the whole article. We have mentioned step by step guide about how to use imessages on windows pc.

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What is IMessage

imessage on pc windows

Imessage on pc windows

IMessage is an instant service messaging application which is developed by Apple.Inc. It is supported by the message application of ios5 and later. Imessages works on Wi-Fi or cellular data networks. Imessages are texts, photos, and videos that you can send to ios devices. See this Also: – Best Free recharge Apps for Android

Advantages of Imessage

  • IMessages on pc have a lot of benefits; it is very safe and secure to use.
  • It is better than SMS or MMS. Imessages supports sending files, images, etc.;
  • imessages works over Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • It keeps your data or conversation private.
  • It saves the money for SMS pack.
  • The most advantage is we can send unlimited messages to our friends.
  • It is user-friendly it is straightforward to use.
  • imessages on pc is simple and stable to the users.
  • By imessages on pc we can share many things like videos, audio clipping, etc.;
  • With the help of imessage on pc, we can do both video and audio calling.

How to Download Imessage on PC/Windows Laptop

Imessage app is one of the most successful app used by ios users. Imessages can also be downloaded to your personal computer; imessage on pc is very easy to download. They are 3methods to install imessage on pc, and it works perfectly to access imessage on pc.

Method1 using chrome remote desktop:

Imessage on pc can be downloaded by using two systems with Mac and windows.  It can be downloaded by following methods

  •  Make sure that you have Mac with imessages and pc with windows
  •  Firstly download the Google Chrome browser to your pc from the official website which you can download from the internet
  • Now download chrome remote desktop on both your computers mac and windows.
Chrome remote desktop

Chrome remote desktop

  • once the extension is installed, click “launch app” button on the top right.
Click on Launch app

Click on Launch app

  • we need to install an additional program on the Mac computer called “chrome remote desktop host installer.”
chrome remote desktop host

Chrome remote desktop host

  • Now you have to search the host installer file on your Mac pc hard drive and run it to install.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application. You may require entering your mac computer password during the installation.
Enter your mac password

Enter your mac password

  • Just open chrome remote desktop extension on your Mac OS. You will see 12 digit code on your Windows screen. Remember one thing, and This is the code you should enter on chrome with pc to access your Mac PC remotely. It will be ideal if you be cautious about sharing your code. Anyone with this code can access your Mac.
  • It’s time to open chrome remote desktop extension on your windows pc and enter the 12 digit code.
12 Digit Code

12 Digit Code

  • You will have now a remote access to your Mac computer.
  • Now you can go to the app drawer and access Imessages on pc.


You have to remember that, you need to have a Mac computer and it should be connected to the internet to get Imessages on pc.

What if there is no Mac? There is one more method where we can get imessages to pc.

Method2: Using ipadian emulator (mac not required)

IPadian is an ios emulator for pc. As the name indicates, the emulator is an application which emulates the ios environment to your pc. This allows you to access the vas ios ecosystem right for your computer. There are many ios emulators, but ipadian is most trusted ios emulator. It is easy and flexible to use. Imessages on pc can be obtained easily by this method.

  • Firstly download the ios emulator ipadian from the following link Click Here
  • Now click on download button and run the .exe installer file to install ipadian to your pc.
  • After successfully installed, run the ipadian emulator on your pc.
  • Sign in with your Apple Id and password if exists. If it doesn’t exist create a new account.
  • Now you have to access the IOS ecosystem from windows. In fact, ipadian interfaces like an I pad.
Ipadian apps

Ipadian apps

  • Open the ipadian and search for imessages in the ipadian and launch it and you can install imessages on pc.

Method3: using android emulator:

We can also download imessages from the android emulator. Android emulator is an application where we can use the Android environment on your pc. There are many android emulators, but a blue stack is a prominent one.

  • Firstly download the blue stacks from the following link Bluestacks download
  • click download button which is present on your top right and install the app on your pc.
  • After installing the app, open the app and search for imessages.
  • Download the imessages app and run imessages on pc.

How to use Imessages on pc/Windows:

  • To open messages. Tap to start a conversation.
  • Address your messages by typing the recipient’s name, phone number, email you wanted to send the message.
  • To include emoji, type
  • You can add an image or file just drag the file into the message.
  • Also, start an audio recording click

We can also do audio and video calling through imessages.


Imessage on pc is a boon for the pc users as it gives a great experience to the users. It keeps your data secure and does not allow anyone to see your data. You can also save the money for the SMS plan as it runs with the internet. You can also share videos, images, and files quickly through imessages.

How to Use IMessage On PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 {laptop}
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