How to Crack/patch Any Android Game & App by lucky patcher {100% working}

Use Lucky Patcher for in-app purchase – Hey guys I am back again with another trick. The trick is about how to crack/hack any android game using lucky patcher. Lucky patcher is full of incredible option which will change the app work, and you will get most out of your Apk.

The lucky patcher is one of my favorite app which helps me to customize any apps in my phone list. The best thing I love about this app is, it will give the option of removing Google ads .becuase sometimes google ads will disturb you😉 and I always remove ads from my apps.

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This app not just gives you options for removing annoying ads, but it gives you a bunch of option which will help us to modify app capability and functionality. You can use lucky patcher in android device easily without the need of third-party support. Also, lucky patcher enables us to use it for in app purchase which is an impressive feature of the lucky patcher.😋

how to use lucky patcher for in app purchases

how to use lucky patcher for in-app purchases

How to use Lucky Patcher for in-app purchase in Android

Lucky Patcher is an app which is developed by chelpus.  This app is used to remove google annoying ads from apps. You can also modify app permissions such as disable package, clone application, backup of an app and so many features by lucky patcher.

I love clone application feature of this app because it gives you options for creating a clone of any app. Suppose you create some app permission or remove ads and modify build.Prop files and want to share with your friends then you can simply backup of any modified app and share it with you friends also it gives default backup option for backup of all apps.😜

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How to Download and install lucky patcher full version in android device

Now you can download the latest lucky patcher apk on your smartphone. This app is available for Android platform as well as Ios😀.  This app is available for iPhone users. So if you have ios then you can perform all functions like remove license verification, remove google ads, modify apk, disable packages and backup function on your ios device.

You can download the lucky patcher application for any Android smartphone, but it requires Root permission. Yes, i think you need root permission for doing all such task which is mentioned above in the article. The tasks are listed such as remove license verification of app, lucky patcher for in-app purchase, remove google ads, support patch for in-app and LVL emulation and also it gives your the option for changing the app’s components and then the last task you need to make/create modifies apk file.


There are some basic requirements for cracking any Android games/apps. Also, it provides the option for modifying apk so you could make a modified version of any app. Download the latest lucky patcher apk from below given download link. These are:-

  1. Download latest lucky patcher full version
  2. Your device must be Rooted. I will recommend you to use King root app for rooting your device
  3. Need some human brain

That’s it.

Key feature of lucky patcher Apk

There is some basic key feature of lucky patcher app also advanced features which you can use on your device. Just download the latest version of apk from above and start testing all features. Important and useful features are listed below.

  • Remove License Verification– it enable us to Remove the license verification from any app, but sometimes it would not work.
  • Remove Google Ads– I love this function because I don’t want to see any ads on my favorite apps/games also some apps providers offers ads free version at some minimal price.
  • Support patch for Knapp and LVL emulation
  • Change The App’s Components– Now you can change the app’s components and make them according to your needs
  • Create Modified APK file– Yes, I love it this function which is not available on any apps. I think you may hear about modified apps, so it will help you to make your modified version of an app.
  • Manual Patcher– In this option, you can do manual function by typing some patch codes, and I will recommend you before using this patching option, make a backup of current apk in loose or damage of app. See this also: – How to download paid apps for free

Tools in lucky patcher application

  • Clone application.
  • Disable Package(Freeze)
  • Backup.
  • ODEX this app.
  • Shere this app.

How to crack and patch any android game/apps

  • First of all, you have to download the latest version of apk From above requirements.
  • Now install it and open it
  • After opening, you will see bunch of apps like this screenshot
how to use lucky patcher

how to use lucky patcher

  • Just choose any App/Game from a list which you want to patch.
  • Simply click on it
  • Now it will process your operation, and after successfully, it will show you complete patch notification
  • Finally, you patched the application successfully.

How to remove the license verification from any apps and games

  • At first, you have to open Lucky Patcher app
  • Now Select any apps or games from your app list and just click on it.
  • Then you will see many options like below screenshot
  • Click on Remove License Verification.(if app contains)
remove license verification

remove license verification

  • After completing patch process, use this and enjoy it
  • Finally, you removed the license verification from an app. Enjoy it and do share this trick with your friends

How to google ads from apps and games

  • Firstly you need to open Lucky Patcher.
  • Just Select any App or Game from the homepage of the lucky patcher.
  • Just click on it and process further
  • Click on Remove Google Ads.
remove license verification

Remove  license  verification

  • Finally, you removed the google ads from your app. Enjoy ad free app and do share this method with your friends

Top FAQs regarding lucky patcher app

Question 1: – Who is the developer of the app and how do I use lucky patcher?

Answer: –  This fantastic app developed by the Chelpus and he made this app for solving common Android apps problem of the users. He made this app for a rooted phone, and it requires some permission for performing an unbelievable task such as removing annoying ads from the game, create modified apk and so many features users might perform by this app.

Question 2: – What is custom patch option in app 

Answer: – Whenever you will open lucky patcher application for repairing or removing in-app purchase. You would choose to remove app purchase option from the menu. However, if the app is popular, then it might be some extra options like Custom patch. It is the custom patching option which will let you

It is the custom patching option which will let you do some additional patching like all patchable things in one click. Suppose you want to remove ads and remove in-app purchase from the apk then this option will do it for your just in one click.

Question: lucky- How to Lucky patcher app without root 

Answer: –  Yes, you can use lucky patcher in a non-rooted android phone but it offers some limited options for a non-rooted device, and these options or features are Create Modifies apk, Backup, and hack In-app purchase.

Question 3: – Is it possible to use this app in rooted Android phone

Answer: – This app is mainly created for root users so if you have an Android smartphone with root permission, then you can install it from above-given download link and start using it.

Question 4: – Can lucky patcher app hack online games?

Answer: – No,  you can’t hack any online games because the online games require hosting permissions and these type of games are accommodated in some online hosting place. So there is a rare option for online hack games.

Question 5: – How to use Lucky Patcher on Clash of clans?

Answer: – I didn’t try this app on COC game because I don’t play clash of clans, and I think this will work on this game. Naturally, you need to download lucky patcher apk from above and start testing on coc game and tell me through comments.

Video guide

Final words

So, guys, we have mentioned how to use lucky patcher for in-app purchase on Android. Lucky patcher wants root permission for doing some great task like removing ads from the app and make a backup and modified apk. This app requires root

This app requires root permission, and it will do or perform at its optimum level on the rooted device. Also, it works on the non-rooted device.

You can perform a basic operation and function like remove license verification, eliminate annoying adscreate modified apps and so on.

I think this will help you to make your modified app. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please do share it if you got some good knowledge regarding how to use lucky patcher and its functions.

If you have any doubts regarding this tricks, shoot your comment below, and I will surely answer them.

How to Crack/patch Any Android Game & App by lucky patcher {100% working}
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