How to increase the speed of UTorrent/Bittorrent

Bittorrent and Utorrent both are the most popular torrent clients and these days,
Everyone know that the Utorrent is best than BitTorrent because of its small size and User-friendly features. If we want to buffer the video, movies in torrent then it will play easily but in BitTorrent case, it is not possible. Let’s not compare Utorrent and BitTorrent. It depends on person to person which torrent client he/she loves for downloading. Now, these days Torrent is most Popular than another site. Now someone wants to download a movie then he/she must visit on the torrent site.
For example, if the user wants to download the movie from server site. Server site must provide some limitation such as bandwidth limitation, user account etc. 
How To Increase µTorrent/BitTorrent Download Speed

  • Open Utorrent and click on Options.
  • Click on  the drop down menu, select Preferences.
  • Then the new window will open.
  • Here You skip the first three options and open Connection.
  • Then click on connection tab
  • Make sure Enable UPnP port Mapping and Enable NAT-PMP port mapping are enabled.
  • Then move to Bandwidth option and enable Apply rate limit to uTP connections if it’s not enabled by default.
  • Also,choose To Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% and make the values like in this screenshot:
  • In the list of options, Then  choose Bittorrent and her to make sure only Limit local peer bandwidth is unchecked or unticked
  • Then click on  queuing, change Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download): to 1 and same for the Maximum number of active downloads. By this, you will be able to download file at a time only which will make the download faster.
  • Now click on  Advanced, search for net.max_halfopen and enter any value more than 80 and less than 95. Say, use 88 as the value.
  • Finally, click on apply and ok 

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How to increase the speed of UTorrent/Bittorrent
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