How to Change IMEI Number on Android {Guide 2018}

Change IMEI Number of Android– Once you buy any android device or we can say smartphone, you were not limited to use only the basic features like calling, using the internet, photography, multimedia, sending text messages, etc.  But it can provide you the platform where you can easily install multiple applications that make your device advance and technology oriented. So guys today I will show the best way how to change IMEI number of any Android.

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There are numerous applications available for WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook Lite, youtube, etc. These are some social networking apps but some excellent apps like Xposed framework, CPU temperature, change IMEI number, mobile uncle, auto liker, GB Whatsapp, etc.

Change IMEI number 2017

how to change imei number

How to change IMEI number

Some Android device users would likely to change their device IMEI number in order to gain superior access on many apps which require unique users in every operation. Defaulters always try to make spoof with any Android applications. They just change their Android IMEI number so that they create unique user every time. All of this operations can be done only to gain money from apps by making them spoofs. And also to encourage misusing of numerous Android apps.

There are many Android IMEI changer tool or app, but maximum requires root access. Imei changer tool requires the Rooted device in order to change IMEI number. Also, it has many benefits such as game hacks, the user can send a mass email, Book unlimited Ola/uber ride. Just follow the below guide about how to change IMEI number on Android.

What is IMEI 

IMEI is defined as the “international mobile equipment identity.” Every Android device, as well as non-Android device, have their unique IMEI numbers so that they can be easily identified throughout every corner of the world.  IMEI is unique identification numbers which are allocated to each and every device to identify or locate it globally.

Some important notice

In many countries changing IMEI number is a criminal offense or some of the countries that do not lay stress on this topic. So before following this tricks, you should be aware that you can use this operation at your own risk.

Why do people change the IMEI number? and what is IMEI number is used for 

Now, these days people want to get more out of their phones and free recharge, free ola/uber rides are one of the most requested things. These type of trick requires the different phones or I can say different device. Suppose you want to earn some free recharge coupon or free mobile recharge then you need to have different mobile phone.

Why you need the different device? Becuase many apps ask for the different device for refers.  if You want to earn Rs 100 recharge then you must refer 10 people which become worse. There IMEI changing method works, you don’t need to have different devices just single device can do all things. But your device must be rooted. See this also: – Best icloud bypass tools 

 How to Change IMEI Number on Android ( WITHOUT ROOT)

  • First of all, you need to download Mobile Uncle App from below given link on your Android device.

   Mobile Uncle

  • Now you need to open the Mobile Uncle app.
  • Select engineer mode


Mobile Uncle-Engineer mode

Mobile Uncle-Engineer mode

  • Click on CDS information.
  • It will provide you two options where you need to select phone2.

  • An option like AT+ will appear.
  • Now You need to type AT+ <15 digit IMEI number> like AT+678605269424795.
Change imei in non rooted

Change imei in non rooted

  • Now choose to send at command
  • It’s a time to reboot your Android device.
  • Now you will be able to check the update IMEI number of your android device.
  • Thanks for sequentially following this steps. I hope you will get your desire IMEI number. If not then contact us by providing comment on our post. Your query will be solved within 24 hours.

How to Change IMEI Number of Any Rooted Android (ROOT)

Since we have already provided you the method of changing IMEI on non-rooted devices.Then one from all things come to our mind that what are the procedure for changing IMEI number in a case for rooted Android devices.If you are in an opinion to use many spoof apps for changing your Android  device IMEI number , Then you can make sure that Xposed framework or Xposed module app must be installed on your android device which gives permission or allows Android software architecture to make easy in various software components in order to install any technical application. We have posted this: – Truecaller Number Search

Basically, IMEI number is international of machine equipment identity which has great importance in identifying the actual location of stolen devices or to trace any machine globally. If you are in thought to get the most ou of your device, then you can follow our trick or steps we provide to change IMEI number of your android device (rooted Android device).

 Requirements to Change IMEI number 

 How to Change IMEI Number in Any Rooted Device

Before going to follow our steps to change IMEI number. You have to sure that your device contains Xposed framework which is used to provide access permission to change IMEI number. Also Android must be root. In this article, you don’t need any support from your P.C., so it seems to be more simple for user t follow it. Now have a look at our article to change IMEI number on your rooted Android device.

  • First of all, make a screenshot of your Android device by dial *#06#.
  • Now go to Xposed Framework apk.. select IMEI changer apk as a module and reboot your Android device.
  • Once your Android device is reboot successfully. Open IMEI changer apk where you can see your Android device current IMEI number, or we can say original IMEI number.

imei changer app

  • Now just enter new IMEI number of your choice on new IMEI to block and apply it.
  • After all, you have to reboot your device again.
  • Finally, check your device IMEI number by adding *#06# from your device dialer.
  • Now you can create multiple unique users to gain money from any app’s.

Video Guide


So, guys, we share this article to actually help you to make best possible use of your Android device. This article is extremely helpful for those who will need to create multiple unique users in order to gain money or some other objectives. There are so many useful articles we provide on our website to meet all your requirements, we work a lot in providing you the best satisfactory information.

we hope you like this article the most and also some of you will know about this trick but believe us this is the easiest and quick working trick from all. If you are going to follow this, you will completely feel relax in performing this steps and you never ever met with any problem because we make this article by making some researches or also perform relevant practicals to ensure its clarity of understanding.

But still, you feel any problem while performing then please comment below for my assistance. Finally, it’s our time to promote yourself if you like my article and found it is useful so please share it with your friend circles and subscribe our website for getting latest post or updates.

How to Change IMEI Number on Android {Guide 2018}
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