WhatsApp New Status Feature: How to enable in android and ios device

Whatsapp new status feature for Android– Today WhatsApp has launched a new feature in their WhatsApp Messenger app. Now you can post videos and photos as a status on messenger. Facebook owns a WhatsApp app, and it is making some changes in Facebook as well as in WhatsApp messenger.

Recently WhatsApp introduced some handy features like large emojis 😀 also it added more emojis in the chat option. Some of the cool features I love about the WhatsApp is, it enable us to perform some important task like link previewing, bold, italic and strike-through.

Even it gives us to capture a picture with the new camera of WhatsApp and edit them professionally like photo editor tools.😋 Yes, it provides us new paint feature in their photo editor section. You can easily edit the picture by choosing any pic and then before sending; you will see a pencil option for editing for drawing something on a picture.

Enable new whatsapp status feature

Enable new WhatsApp status

Enable Whatsapp Status feature

Nowadays WhatsApp is giving new feature every day to their users, and the recent update of WhatsApp is a video call. Today WhatsApp is going to launch new feature named as WhatsApp status feature; This feature is similar to the snap chat and Instagram stories.

There you can share your photos and videos as stories in Instagram and snap chat, and I think Whatsapp new status feature will soon kill the snap chat and Instagram feature😉. Also in snap chat app users may do some awesome tasks like adding videos to their status and make cute and funny videos by default editing function.

Instagram also offers some best filter options for their users. And the feature is, sharing images and applying many filters option even I love the story featured by Instagram, and I think WhatsApp will share some more feature like snap chat and Instagram.

Activate Whatsapp status feature on Android

new whatsapp status

new WhatsApp status

Whatsapp status feature will be soon available for all android and ios users, but now this feature is only available for beta tester, I hope this may be a feature available for all WhatsApp users. You may Also like this:How to use lucky patcher in-app Purchase

Now it is going to launch some more features of snap chat and Instagram. However, WhatsApp arrives back again with a new status feature. In previous days, the WhatsApp status was in text format,😑 and that text status is not able to attract your friends, but now we can use our favorite videos and photos as status in WhatsApp messenger like Instagram stories.

I didn’t try snap chat but I am a regular user of Instagram, and I have tried all feature of this app. I will surely start using snap chat and then post some related article to snap chat app, but now we will see a status feature of a messenger.😉

What is new WhatsApp status?

Whatsapp new status feature is same as snap chat and Instagram stories. Where we can use photos and videos and our contacts will see the photos and videos in the story section like Instagram.

Now you can share your favorite photos and videos as status in Messenger. But the video was not available in the previous version of WhatsApp so that you need to update your WhatsApp messenger to the latest version and then you will get video status option.

I think you may be heard about Wa tweaks application. It is a third party app which will enable you to edit some excellent feature of WhatsApp. Also, it provides us more feature of WhatsApp which is not yet available, but soon it would be arriving on it. Wa Tweaks is giving some more feature like video call, GIF option also new WhatsApp status feature before the launch of this feature.

If you are using a tweaks app for enabling WhatsApp new status feature, then disable it. Becuase WhatsApp latest apk update will fulfill your requirements by adding features also that feature has mentioned above.

How to Enable WhatsApp status feature on your Android

  • At first, you have to download the latest version of WhatsApp application 2.17.81 from Here or Update it through play store
update your whatsapp

update your whatsapp

  • After updating complete, you will able to see Status tab on your home screen
click on status tab

click on tab

  • Now click on Status tab, you will able to see your contacts with their new status in photos and videos format
  • For testing new update option just click on WhatsApp. Now you will able to see videos and photos status by official WhatsApp
  • Set your photos and videos as status by clicking on My status
  • Then you would see video recording option. Record video and send as your status
  • Also, you can choose your recent photos and videos from below option and set as status
choose my status option

choose my status option

  • After selecting photos. It will ask for status update will be sent to your contacts and then press send
  • Don’t forget to select status privacy option from above menu>>Status Privacy>> and then choose my contacts only.
  • Enjoy this update and share this feature with your friends

Final words

So, guys, we have shared about how to enable new WhatsApp status feature on your Android smartphone. By the way, you could use Wa tweaks for getting this feature, but I will recommend you to use official updates from WhatsApp Becuase WhatsApp is going to be more secure, and user friends and was tweaks like third party app might be leak your important information like photos and videos including chats.

Whatsapp status is a handy feature and it will able to reflect your personality by applying pictures and videos. I think it is enough for you guys.

If you like this article, then share it with your friends by using social media sharing buttons. And thanks for visiting my blog.

If you feel any problem or question regarding WhatsApp status option then feel free to comment below I will surely read and give you valuable answer.


WhatsApp New Status Feature: How to enable in android and ios device
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