How to Download Videos from Voot on PC & Android {2018}

Download Videos from Voot-Just like any other online video platform for entertainment we got Voot hosted by several channels like Colors, MTV, Vh1, Comedy Central India and Nickelodeon. This is a video on demand website that hosts content related to movies, reality shows, serials, music, and Voot original series.

A very famous Indian television reality shoe BIGG BOSS has been broadcasted on this website. Also, we can find the diverse culture of languages present in this covering from Marathi, Kannada, and Gujarati and of course Hindi. This is entirely free for namesake, and due to the heavy traffic experienced on the website, it would gain money through in-video ads.

Download Videos from Voot

voot app

voot app

We can find up to date content that it handles and my personal favorites are Voot original series. And few other buzzing movies and cartoon are also present for us to enjoy. Based on our interests, likes, dislikes the Voot app algorithm recommends us shows that are similar to our tastes and needs. This would be the best option for people who travel a lot, even if you miss show it can watch on PC/Laptop using their own website. In case of smart phones, we have personal Voot app. Absolute High definition content is present on this website and also allows for data saving mode. Here I will share you how you can download your favorite videos from Voot for free.

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On a general scale we have two platforms with us PC/ Laptop and Mobile, and for these both, we have the solution to download videos to download from Voot. The first method that is mentioned first is for Windows OS and Mac OS X running devices and the second method is for Android platform. Follow the steps mentioned below to download videos from Voot website.

How to download Voot Videos on PC/ Laptop?

Download Videos from Voot on PC & Android

Download Videos from Voot on PC & Android

Follow the step by step approach as given below to download Voot video on your PC/ Laptop. And to make sure that you have at least one video media player like VLC Media player on your PC to watch the downloaded videos.

  1. Open your most used web browser and visit the official website of Voot, i.e., and play the video that you want to download
  2. Take a look at the URL bar and copy the URL of the video that you are watching at present and want to download
  3. And now go to website on a new tab
  4. 9xbuddy is one of the best an online application that allows us to download videos
  5. As mentioned before the URL that you have copied before should be pasted here, and press Enter now
  6. Soon as you entered the URL, the tool will look for different qualities of the same video
  7. But do not press the download button here itself as the file would download in different format which you can’t play which is .m3u8 format
  8. So as opposed to doing that right-tap on the download button and Copy the link address in the top up menu.
  9. Now start VLC media player which you have on the PC/ Laptop
  10. In the Menu Bar of the VLC Media player, click on Media and then click on Open Network Stream option
  11. You’ll find a pop-up menu now; paste the URL that you copied from 9xbuddy just recently
  12. Do not press the play button now itself. Instead, click on the small arrow which is next to the play button
  13. Click on the “Stream” which is present here and press the next button now
  14. As you see Destination Setup window, choose the Add button
  15. Now choose the Browse button and select the destination and name of video file that you want to save and click next
  16. Later in the Transcoding Options Window will appear
  17. Here you have to uncheck Activate Transcoding. Press next and stream the video

A blue seek bar will start increasing until last showing hundred percentage. A new .mp4 file is created in the destination which you selected before. As the video is downloaded completely, you can enjoy the video

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How to download Voot videos on Android?

Follow the step by step approach mentioned below to download Voot videos on your Android phone. We will have to use an application named Videoder that will help you to download instantly.

  1. Go to official website where you can find the APK file to install and download Videoder
  2. Not only in this case you can also use Videoder for downloading media on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. on to the phone directly
  3. After, Downloading the app,  install it and open the app
  4. Videoder contains an inbuilt browser package for you to browse
  5. As we need to download video from Voot website then go to official website using the browser in Videoder app itself
  6. Now Browse for the video that you want to download on to the Android phone
  7. Soon as you open the video and start playing it, make you notice over to the left corner of the screen below that indicates a download symbol
  8. Tap on that button, and it will ask you the quality, the format required and location to save the video file. Based on the requirement select the option
  9. Immediately it contacts the server, and download starts in few seconds and you can find this in your download section or Gallery of a phone.
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There might be a misconception that this Videoder is only for root phone, NO ROOT is required to use this application and can run mostly on many versions of Android. As it is not available on the Google Play Store due to the copyright claim, we have no other option but to download the latest version from the official website and always update the app for smoother and better options to use.

We highly encourage your views and opinion to share this information below in the comment section and share with your friends to share the excellent knowledge.

How to Download Videos from Voot on PC & Android {2018}
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