Download ShareIt for PC Latest Version {Laptop}


Download Shareit for PC/Windows-In this hectic world of throat-cutting competition, what we youth demand is keeping pace with TIME. Whatever be the case, we just wish to keep n going with the world, and saving time in whichever way possible. The advancements in technologies have proved to be a boon for us and almost is handy to us by virtue of technology.

ShareIt For PC

Shareit for pc
Shareit for pc

Our smartphones are getting way smarter beyond the scope of our imagination, and each of our tasks can be completed within a fraction of the time. A primary concern in the olden time regarded SHARING  files, documents, images, songs, etc. between two devices. Bluetooth was the only available source of sharing files wirelessly between two devices.

But what we needed was to notch the duration of this sharing. And as correctly stated that “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION”  and with time we developed many applications with which this sharing became far more instant and easy. Where with Bluetooth it took nearly a minute to transfer a small file (approx 3Mb), with these applications it takes even less than a minute to transfer bigger files, as large as approx “1Gb“.

Download ShareIt For PC/Windows

Use Shareit For transfer
Use Shareit For transfer

Yes its true and SHAREIT is one such application. For all the tech-geeks out here, you might be able to very well connect with the importance of an application like this, which can cut-down the duration of file transfer and for those unaware about the application DO GIVE IT A TRY!!! Who never wished to reduce the efforts and time required to accomplish the task, if you are one amongst them then SHAREIT will serve the purpose for you.

It’s easily available for android users on Play-store, and they can easily download the application from there. But what if we wish to download it on our pc? The answer is YES,  the developers of this application have taken care of their pc users as well and have made it compatible for pc as well, but do remember a very important thing BOTH THE USERS WILLING TO SHARE FILES NEED TO HAVE SHAREIT INSTALLED ON THEIR DEVICE. Data can be transferred between pc to smartphones, smartphone to another smartphone and also from one pc to another.

How to Download Shareit for Windows/Laptop

Now that I have plotted the entire story regarding the advantages of SHAREIT, you might be eager to download it for your pc. So the downloading process goes on like this. For our users, we are directly providing you the link through which you can download the application.

   ShareIt For PC

Upon clicking the above link, a web page will pop-up something, similar to this:-

In the next step, you need to select the specification of the device on which you wish to download the application for through the green boxes displayed on the page (let’s take an example of Windows). Upon clicking on the Windows box, a pop-up message will appear like this:-

Shareit download
Shareit download

Just save the .exe file and download the application and rest just follow the instructions being popped on the screen to enjoy the features of this application.


SHAREIT requires a direct connection for the communication among the various devices. The host(i.e., the sender) usually creates a local network to which all the receivers need to connect to for accomplishing the task of sharing. Once the connection is established, the sharing can be done amongst all the devices connected to the local network. Quite EASY!!!

Shareit sending
Shareit sending

Here are some of the screenshots which will give you a better understanding regarding the matter.


  1. You can share the as large file as you wish to, and you will be done with the task within a fraction of seconds. FAST AND RELIABLE!!!
  2. SHAREIT also enables you to control your presentation slides through your smartphone without any physical connections.
  3. You can send the files to multiple users at a time. Once you establish a network, within a click, you can transfer the file to multiple users at a time. MULTIPLE SHARING!!!
  4. The cross-platform feature, i.e., you can share the files from your pc to an android device or the vice-versa is also supported.
  5. SHAREIT supports multiple languages, around 40 languages are being supported which makes it quite convenient for the users round the globe.
  6. The last but not the least WIRELESS connection is the eye-catchy factor of this application.

But as every coin has two faces, SHAREIT also has some cons as well….

  1. Once a transfer between the devices is completed in a network, you will have to reconnect the devices for yet another sharing, which annoys many of us and is rather troublesome.
  2. The windows version still needs some updates to be done and a more polished version of the same needs to be developed which rather would be much more beneficial.


This excellent application reduces the human efforts and also saves a lot of our precious time as the files can be shared easily and efficiently in a shorter span of time, and we hope the shortcomings will be overcome soon, and we will be accessing a much more advanced version of the same. Keep Tuned with us for more updates regarding the same 🙂

Download ShareIt for PC Latest Version {Laptop}
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