Download PayTm App for PC/Windows 7,8,8.1,10 {Laptop}


Download Paytm app for pc– Do you like to use paytm app on your PC/windows? Then it’s the best article for you. Now you can download the paytm app on your pc without using the browser. As we know that the paytm is biggest ecommerce site or I can say it’s multi niche site which offers many things, such as Recharge option, ecommerce, bill payment, etc.

What Is PayTm?

         Paytm is a biggest online recharge and e-commerce application in India. Paytm is an app where we can pay any bills quickly and securely because of the useful services of the company it has become the important company in India. Over 200 million users are using the paytm app. Mostly paytm is found in android and ios smart phones. Now you can download paytm for pc very easy and secure.

Download PayTm App for PC

paytm app for pc
Paytm app for pc

Paytm for pc makes the users very comfortable as it is a most trusted website. Any have there is no official paytm for pc developed yet. So you can’t just download it and install it on your computer. But paytm for pc can be downloaded by android emulator software for running the paytm app. There are many Android emulators which can download paytm app for pc.

How To Download PayTm App For Windows {Laptop}

Here is the step by step process to download paytm for pc. Just follow the below guide for Paytm.

  • To get paytm for pc, first of all, you have to do is to download an Android emulator for pc as it runs all the Android apps. There are many android emulators, but Blue Stacks is the most popular software available right now. You can download blue stacks from here. Without an Android emulator, paytm for pc is impossible. As there is no official paytm app for pc.
  • Now install the blue stacks software as you have already downloaded the installation file.
  • Now open blue stacks you will see the icons similarly just like your android smart phones. You can find the search engine and search for paytm app.
  • After searching, you will find the paytm app and just click on the app.
  • After clicking the app, there would be an install button present there click on the install button. Paytm will be installed in your pc like an android smart phone through the android emulator. Now you can use the paytm for pc to pay the bills easily and securely.

How to Use PayTm App for PC

  • Paytm for pc is used similarly as we use in smartphones. It is user-friendly and can be used very easily. Paytm for pc is very trusted and secure, it doesn’t allow anyone to see your profile.
  • Firstly you have to create an account for paytm. Register your phone number and email along with your password.
Create account in paytm
Create account in paytm
  • You will receive OTP on the registered mobile number. You need to enter to complete the registration.
  • paytm for pc is extremely easy to use paytm as there is zero setup fee involved.
Paytm app for windows
Paytm app for windows
  • You can recharge quickly through paytm in pc by just entering your mobile number, and the amount required and click on proceed to recharge. After clicking you have to enter your bank details to pay the bill.

How to add money to paytm wallet for pc

Paytm for pc is very fast and secure, we can pay the bills through the paytm wallet. To add the money in the paytm wallet

  • First open paytm in pc
  • Then login into your paytm successfully
  • Click on “ADD MONEY” icon on the home page of your paytm account
Add money on Paytm
Add money on Paytm
  • Enter the amount that you wanted to add
  • Apply if you have any promotional code which is optional
  • If you have no promo code click “ADD MONEY TO WALLET”
  • Choose a suitable method to add money to the wallet
select add money option
select add money option
  • After filling the details click on “PAY NOW”
  • Your money would be instantly credited in you paytm wallet in pc
  • Paytm for pc is very useful as it is apparent and secure

Advantages of Paytm App for windows

1.Easy and straightforward:

Paytm in pc is very easy to use as it is very friendly to the user and in pc it is straightforward.

2.Smooth and simple Payment System

The biggest advantage of the paytm is the payment would be very easy especially on the pc, as it is apparent. Payment of bills in paytm is straightforward we can pay any type of bills and we can get the cash back through pc.





We can book any type of tickets through the paytm like movie and train tickets. We can also book the flight tickets for reasonable cost. It is also helpful in booking of hotels etc.;


Paytm is pc is very secure to use as it does not allow any one to see your data. It keeps your data very private.


Paytm in pc works very quickly. It pays your bills very fastly and very securely.

6.Payment option

The biggest advantage of paytm for pc is the payment options as you can pay the bill through any bank, debit or credit card, you can also use your paytm wallet to pay the bills. No need to carry the debit or credit card.

Other Features of Paytm App for windows

  • Paytm is a free app.
  • Paytm supports both online and offline transaction.
  • You can enjoy the benefit of discount shopping on Paytm app.
  • Paytm works for 24/7 in a week
  • We can send the money in our paytm account to the bank account.
  • Paytm for pc is very useful to pay the bills and for shopping, it is very secure to use.
  • We can transfer the money from paytm to paytm through pc.
  • Data card payment for all operators is also available in paytm.
  • paytm for pc is very helpful for booking fight-movie tickets.
  • Through paytm we can get the loan and insurance, can also buy the gold.
  • paytm for pc is used to buy the household things by paying through the paytm wallet.
  • Easy and automatically refund the money in case of the cancellation.
  • Paytm for pc is very easy to maintain as it is zero balance account.
  • Paytm for pc doesn’t give you any interruption.


Here we have mentioned the guide about Paytm. And it is the most trusted android app, paytm app for pc is very useful to pay the bills it can be downloaded through the Android emulator. Paytm for pc can be used easily and it is very secure. Finally, through paytm we can achieve Digital India.


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