How to check who is connected to my Wi-Fi connection in android

Check who is using your wifi: – Now a day everyone wants good internet speed as well as high download and upload speed because they want to make their task quick and get a result that time.

It could be anything if you are student then it might project submission or download something related to study material, if you belongs to working industries where you need to submit files, sending attachment through emails, there you will need high speed but sometimes you would get some little speed because your wifi connection may be using someone else😑 so in that case, you will switch off the wifi router. Then you might be thinking about who is connected to my wifi.

Today guys I am here with an awesome app called FING which is a really helpful app for checking how many people are connected to your wifi connection or using your personal wifi network.The Fing app crosses the millions of download. This simple app lets you know the Ip address of the phone or laptop which is connected to your wifi network.

The Fing app contains many features, like you, can get the IP address of connected device also you can get the mac address of the device which is connected to your network even it help us to know the manufacture of the device. For example, if the Samsung device is connected to your wifi network it will show you a name of manufacture of a device as Samsung. Check this also: – How to download & install Prisma App on your Android

Control the wifi connection using you android phone

hey, guys, i am back again with another useful trick. The trick about ‘How to check who is connected to my wifi‘ connection. Now a day almost everyone using wifi connection for high speed even most of the people prefer data connection at home as a wifi connection. The main reason behind Wi-Fi lovers is that the data plan of rates increases also the charges of data plan increasing day by day. the airtel has increased their data plan rate and decrease the amount of data such as Rs 200 you will get only 1 GB data not even Airtel has risen their internet plan rate almost all sim operator has increased their data plan rate because of the high demand of internet.

It’s the main reason that I am using reliance broadband because I am getting a good amount of speed also the plus point of reliance broadband is low price and good service if I talk about my plan that how much I am getting data from it. I just want to clear that my data plan rate is pretty much good than other broadband. I am getting unlimited 2MBPS speed at Rs 800(Indian Rupees) See this: – Wifikill app – Prank your friends by killing their Wifi Networks


check who is using your Wi-Fi in Android
check who is using your Wi-Fi in Android

so guys its awesome internet connection at this price point. Let’s talk about the main topic how to check who is connected to my Wifi router. yes, Now you can check how may people connected to your wifi connection even you can block them but the main point is that how to know who is using your wifi.

So friends its simple technique you can try this easy and useful technique for checking the wifi users. Now the question arises can you able to check who is using my wifi using my android Phone? yes, guys now you can check the person connected to your wifi with the help of Android application name’FING’ app.

Advantages of Fing app

  • Size of the application is 2.1 MB only
  • Fing app is available free on play store
  • Discover all devices connected to your network within seconds
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Also, try this:- How to download & install Pokemon Go game on your Android device
  • Unlimited network scans no paid version required
  • Fing app is totally free and ads free
  • Provided mac address and IP address also manufacture of the device
  • You can add the name and address of any device
  • show Network history and so many features available in this app

Disadvantages of Fing app

  1. Required android version 2.3.3
  2. you can not able to control the connected device
  3. The app only provides information about a device
  4. User can not block the connected device from Fing app

How to monitor/check who is using your wifi network

  • first of all, you have to download the android application from here–Network Tools– PlayStore
  • Now download the app and install it
Download and install fing app
Download and install fing app
    • Open the Fing application in your smartphone


  • Click on refresh icon from above right side it will refresh the wifi network and give you detail of connected users
  • Now you can see connected device with their IP address
see connected device
connected device with their IP address
  • You can also check their mac address by clicking on Ip, not even mac address you will get the whole information about device
detail about device
  • Now you can check the users who connected to your wifi. If you want to block them simply not their mac address and block them by using mac filter
  • it’s a simple and easy method for checking who is connected or using your wifi connection
  • Enjoy this awesome trick and share with your friends

wrapping up

This is awesome and easy method for checking who is connected to my wifi router. Now you can control your wifi network by this simple android application. because you will also like this:How to make android phone charge faster [Working 100%]we want good and high speed if unwanted or unauthorised users using your wifi connection then you can know how many devices connected to your wifi network and block them by using your wifi mac filter. I hope you guys like this awesome tutorial share this post with your friends who are facing slow speed and visit again for more android tips and tricks and tutorial.

How to check who is connected to my Wi-Fi connection in android
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