Top 10 Best Prank Call Websites to Make Spoof Calls {2018}

Prank Call Websites-Every day we come through with many tensions and irritations, we are not getting time to relieve our stress. Don’t worry guys to overcome the stress prank calls websites are one of the funniest sites and we can relax for some time. Now I am going to tell you about the top 10 best prank call websites.

What is a prank call?

Best prank call websites

Best prank call websites

Let me first say about what is a prank call before saying what the top 10 best prank call websites are. Prank calls are the fake calls or the calls made to make fun. It is quite impressive as you can make fun with your friends or family with the prank call websites. But sometimes it leads to dangers. We must not forget our limits while talking. Misusing these sites is illegal and causes you troubles

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Prank calls are only used for fun and entertainment.

Top 10 Best Prank Call Websites:

Prank Call Websites

Prank Call Websites

Here are the top 10 best prank call websites where you can make fun with your friends and family.

  1. My phone robot
  2. Prank Call Nation
  3. Phone Losers
  4. Wanky Prank Call
  5. Easy Prank
  6. Comedy Calls
  7. Prankowl
  8. Prank Dial
  9. KDK Prank call
  10. Foxy Call

#1-My phone robot:

My phone robot is one of the best prank call websites. By using this site, you can call to your friends and family to make fun of them. This is only available in Canada and us. It has many features like spoofing, fake text, etc.; you can also buy any anonymous number that can be used to make the prank call with features. It is one of the unique features of my phone robot.

   Visit Here


#2-Prank call nation:

This website consists of unique features; prank call nation is the widest station of prank calls. It is available for residents of us and Canada countries. It additionally gives the insights about the individual trick call so you will get the thought what sort of call is that before sending to your companion.

  Visit Here

#3-Phone losers:

This site is the best site to make fun of anyone. This site is of America which consists of the huge database of many frank calls. In this site the prank calls are in the type of mp3 files. It consists of many funny and ridiculous prank calls. See this also: – Download Paid Apps for Free

   Visit Here

#4-Wanky prank call:

Wanky prank call has more features that some of the websites. This is one of the modern prank call websites. It is one of the different types of prank call website where you can choose the type of call you wanted to make. This website offers you a specific number to call and follow the instructions given on the website. It is one of the funny sites you really enjoy.

    Visit Here

#5- Easy prank:

This site gives you the freedom to do anything. This site does not give you any user id. Easy prank gives you wide range of funny and ridiculous prank calls. You can easily troll your family or friends.

   Visit Here

#6-Comedy calls:

Comedy calls are one of the best prank call websites where you have various features. You can easily troll and make fun of your family members and friends. This site works in a simple way

Firstly you should choose a humorous call from the database, and you should enter the phone number of the receiver to make a free funny call. You can select the category also.

   Visit Here

#7- Prankowl:

Prankowl is one of the free prank call websites where you can get a lot of fun. You can set the time limit for the calls in the website. Your phone number appears to be the unknown number or any other number you wish.

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  • You can call from other countries
  • Handcrafted greed name
  • As-free calling is one of the best features.

   Visit Here

#8- Prank dial:

Prank dial is one of the topmost prank call website leading. It is most loved by many users. You can record the call. You can send the prank calls to your friends and family.

  • You really enjoy by the reaction of your friends. It gives you a thrilling experience to you.
  • Ad-free calling.
  • Video calling facility is also available.
  • One has to record the prank call to send the prank call.

   Visit Here

#9-Kdk prank call: {Not Working}

Kdk prank call is one of the best prank call websites with many features. Kdk is not only a prank call website, but also it is a worldwide radio station. Kdk prank call website consists of a massive base of prank calls that can be used for free. You can have a great time by using this website. You can get relax fast by using kdk prank call as it has a lot of features.

#10-Foxy call: {Not Working}

The foxy call is the best prank call websites where you can have many options, you can make fun of your friends and family. There are many features of this website

  • You can modify your voice
  • Also, you can record your voice
  • You can spoof your caller id
  • You can send texts


Prank call website is one of the funny websites leading. It has many features, and it is also good for our health as it relaxes our stress. You can have great fun by making fun of your family or friends. Be careful as misusing of these websites is illegal. Using of these websites are only for fun.

Top 10 Best Prank Call Websites to Make Spoof Calls {2018}
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