Top 10 Best Power Bank in India {Buy From Amazon} 2018

You might have got a phone which smartest of all in the market with high-end specifications and fancy Snapdragon processor, but it will make your day dull if you see a notification saying it to connect to the charger! This might ruin your entire day and work, thanks to Power Banks always boosts up not only my phone but my tasks too. Wondering which one to purchase and want to know whether it suits you or not? You might be confused with all the numbers saying that this much capacity Power Bank for entire week use in one charge. Is it really possible?

Best Power Bank in India

Best Power Bank in India

Best Power Bank in India

In India, so many different brands are releasing their own power banks and labeling them as the best. Are they so? We’ve got many wide ranges of collections from Sony, Mi, Lenovo, Syska, etc. So basically for an affordable best and quality long lasting products are mentioned below. But high in cost doesn’t always mean the best it has also got few drawbacks.

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I’ve mentioned the Pros and Cons of each product that will enhance you’re buying much easier also all these power banks can be used for charging electronic devices which can be connected to USB cable. And clearing other misconception these are also supported for Apple products which can be charged over USB cable given with the charger. Come let’s see a few options for you to check out the best of all so here is the list:

Top 10 Best Power Bank in India

  1. Mi Power Bank 2i
  2. Lenovo PA13000 Power Bank
  3. Syska Economy 100Power Bank
  4. Ambrane P-1122 Power Bank
  5. PNY BE-740 Power Bank
  6. Mini Power Bank
  7. Intex IT-PB 10K Power Bank
  8. Philips DLP10006 Power Bank
  9. Ambrane P-1310 Power Bank
  10. Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank

#1 Mi Power Bank 2i

Mi has become India’s most trusted and highly demanded brand for 2017 and stood top in many sections. Mi also made the big market value in power bank category in India especially with the previous generation and now in 2017 that exceeded our expectations. Here 2i exciting stands for 2nd generation especially for INDIA.

The value added feature that makes this product much cheaper than the previous version is the MAKE IN INDIA project. Top features like USB type- C compatibility and providing 2 USB out-ports, efficient temperature controlling mechanisms witch latest chipset technology, Hardware short circuit protection, also supports fast charging feature that is not provided by any other at this price range. We highly recommend purchasing from the official website only.

PRICE: Rs. 799/- only (10000mah version) Rs. 1499/- only (20000mah version)

  Buy From Here

#2 Lenovo PA13000 Power Bank

Lenovo has got the biggest customer base in cross-platform in products. This power bank is one of the sleekest and weighs light. It offers up to 13000mAh capacity so you can charge your device multiple times. Even this supports for supporting for at most two USB at a time. It has got off almost 500 recharge life cycle. Lenovo has taken care in all fields by adding various built-in features that make charging quite easy.

Lenovo designed for a premium built quality. It has got 4 LED notification dot sized spots representing the charge available in it. With smart chip embedded inside power brick puts out is more efficient and safe for it to play by protecting from unwanted device short circuits by ensuring the longer lifespan. This is the best deal for one to take if you are looking for new power bank. Only one drawback is it takes more time for it to get charged.

PRICE: Rs. 1,397/- only

   Buy From Here

#3 Syska Economy 100 Power Bank

The BIS certified Syska product is one the best power bank for one to purchase. Syska is exponentially growing its users day by day. Also in the field of power banks, they did a great job. A precise IC protected device provides overcoming of abnormal discharges and plugs off once the charge is full. It is one of the best devices to invest for a customer; the output is 5 volts 1A/2.1A supported and also supports for fast charging capable devices.

This is my personally used power bank for charging almost all devices at home. A very user-friendly and easy to carry and with one full charge of it you can charge up to four times on average. Has an average efficiency conversion rate of 70% to 75% making it more reliable.

PRICE: Rs.1, 750/- only

   Buy From Here

#4 Ambrane P-1122 Power Bank

Ambrane has manufactured affordable products for customers. One of them is Ambrane P-1122 power bank with 10000mAh power capacity. There are three charging ports rated at 5V/2.1A on this product. The body is very durable and comes with a smart chip technology same as the products as mentioned above taking advantage of technology implantation that can control and monitor the temperature of the device. Also got input and output voltage protections, protection from overcharge and over discharge, PTC protection circuit design and with reset mechanisms. Almost all the devices can be connected to it for the charge, and with all this point noting features it gives an excellent competition for power banks available in the same price bracket.

PRICE: Rs. 949/- only

   Buy From Here

#5 PNY BE-740 Power Bank

The PNY BE-740 is rated at 10400mAh. May this not be very familiar to us but this has got all and more features which are available now. On average use, you may get up to 5 times of using it in one full charge for the complete charge of the smartphone with an output at 5 Volts/2.1 A. The sleek design is also plus point to it rather than old boring design with smooth curves at edges. It is more preferred for handy use and easy carrying. LED power indicators are provided and also LED torch. But the sad part of this is it has got only single USB output port. So for a normal daily user, you can also consider this an alternative to your buying cart.

PRICE: Rs. 1,925/-

   Buy From Here

#6 Mivi 10000mah Metallic Power Bank

This is one of my favorite and personally used power banks and blindly recommended to anyone looking for a power bank in this price range. With its solid metallic body gives a premium component pocket-sized power bank. In the recent years, Mini is one such company that is liked by many of the customers primarily in the segment of power banks and car chargers. They deliver a quality product, and with my personal use, I can say that this is a value for money product that is available. Even the after sale service as promised by the company is good and responds quickly on their WhatsApp number for any warranty and complaints regarding the product.

PRICE: Rs. 1,699/-

   Buy From Here

For remaining power banks we have mentioned the links for you to purchase you can click on the links below which will directly redirect to the respective product

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#7 Intex IT-PB 10K Power Bank

   Buy From Here

#8 Philips DLP10006 Power Bank

   Buy From Here

#9 Ambrane P-1310 Power Bank


#10 Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank

   Buy From Here

Top 10 Best Power Bank in India {Buy From Amazon} 2018
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