Best Browser For Mac OS 2018 Every Mac Os User Should Have

Best browser for mac- Do you want to download the Best browser for mac? Then you are at right place. Today I am sharing great top browsers that you can use on your MacBook or Apple laptop. Mac, the short of Mackintosh, is a well-known operating system developed, designed, and marketed by was introduced on January 24, 1984.

As we all know, without the browser in an operating system is like the car without steering. The best browsers for mac are:

Best Browser apps for MAC 2017

Best Browser For Mac

Best Browser For Mac

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • opera

Safari Best Browser for MAC

Safari Browser

Safari Browser

Safari is developed by Apple itself, and moreover, it’s the default browser for Apple devices.

Steve Jobs reported on January 7, 2003, at Macworld San Francisco that Apple has built up their own program called Safari.

Safari is an amazing search engine and provides abundant features.

One of the most annoying things from which we all are fed up of is the videos that start playing themselves, I mean seriously! Did I click the play button, no right! Then why are you doing this to me! But chill cause safari browser has the solution for this. It stops the auto-play videos. Hash! Finally, now we can play the video whenever we feel like.

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Plus have you ever noticed? That you are getting pop up ads, or side ads of the products you checked online two minutes ago! It’s like- stop following me you psychopath! But don’t you worry matey! Cause safari has got the solution to all your problems.Safari now utilizes machine learning by which it recognizes the promoters who are following your online practices and evacuates it!

Best Browser for Mac #Safari

As per the reviews, many people have claimed that safari serves amazing security. The privacy of the user is extremely secured. Safari search engine informs us about the harmful websites. Evenly to even, when you use Safari browser and use private browsing, it doesn’t add your feed in the browsing history.

  • Safari browser upholds a feature in which you can create your own little menu at the top of the right side corner, isn’t it cool, to have all the sites easy to access with?
  • Whenever we search something on a search engine, the first thing we look for is the list of suggestions cause we have a level of laziness like a pro, i.e., at the level of 99999.
  • So as you start typing anything safari will provide you suggestions from Wikipedia, maps, news sites, iTunes, sports, etc.
  • If you are a reader, safari search engine is your right choice, as there is an inbuilt feature known as the safari reader that provides all the articles from the web that you can search or read on anytime.
  • When there are too many tabs opened and music starts, and you have no idea from which tab it’s coming from, you can shut the sounds of all the tabs up directly from the search smart field. Isn’t it genius? Yeah, it is!

Safari search engine provides a feature that increases the battery, or we can say that it saves the battery. Now you can see videos for 2 hours more, or watch episodes 4 hours more. Isn’t it cool? Yay!

Plus the speed is AWESOME!!!!!! It works really fast, and does not hang!

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And evenly to even you can always change the basic features of the location services, zoom level, font size, etc.

Safari provides features in which you can watch a video and browse side by side, it’s like, that you can adjust the video anywhere on the screen and keep on doing whatever you were up to. Also, there is a feature of picture floating.

Safari web browser is in total a package of AWESOMENESS. It’s the legendary level of Barney Stinson, the best suitable for mac.

Chrome {The Best Web Browser}


  • The second best browser comes to the chrome.
  • Google developed chrome and released in September 2008.
  • Google chrome has amazing features like,
  • You can clear your browsing data anytime, anywhere. It’s that easy!
  • You can always customise your preferences as to which site you most recently want to browse.
Chrome browser

Chrome browser

The biggest feature is the incognito mode, (incognito mode means that whatever you will do on the browser now your identity will be anonymous). So isn’t it cool, cause basically, that’s the feature what everyone is looking for?

If by chance you have closed chrome, you can always restore your data through settings

You can even make a profile in chrome; this feature is for the users who don’t want to share their data so they can make a private profile and a separate public profile for others.

Chrome has much more cool and amazing features that make your day to day work much easier.

Firefox [Best Mac Browser]

Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser

Now comes Firefox, urf Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is developed by the Mozilla company and was initially released on 23 September 2002.

This browser is a book of innovative tricks, the tricks that you can use in your fast run.

Firefox has a delightful feature in which you can open multiple tabs on the same site with the different login ids. Cause matey that’s what the hackers are looking for.

Other features of Firefox are as follows:

  • You can customise your browser the way you want.
  • Mozilla Firefox has a quality of a frog; you can hop quicker from tab to tab, and browse faster.
  • There is an option for sync that you can go with, from your device to another.
  • It has a really powerful private browsing, and a lot have the incognito mode.
  • It has a quality of password manager.
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In total Mozilla Firefox does what its name says. “Firefox” it runs faster like a fox, with a burning flame that encourages and brings the innovative ideas in you.



Opera is developed by opera software and brought up it September 27, 2017.

The features that opera provides are as under:

Opera browser

Opera browser

Ad blocker: these days everyone is fed up with the advertisements floating all over the screen, due to which opera has figured out the solution to it and has added it in one of its features.

Surf safely: opera takes care of the malware and suspicious sites to be aware of, you can surf freely and let opera do its work.

Battery saver: ever heard of a Brower which could save our battery? If not, then a way to go man! Cause opera has a unique battery saver feature. It extends the life of your laptop by up to an hour and lets you surf smoothly without a charger. So there you go, man!

There are several numerous features that opera browsers uphold.

At last, I would just say that go with the best always, according to my opinion these four are the top best Mac browsers you work with if you are a Mac user.

Final Words

So, guys, We have shared top best browser for Mac PC. Now you can use more browsers on your MacBook and keep your work quickly.

I think it’s done from my side; Now it’s your turn by sharing this fantastic article with your friends and family. And get them know about more great browsers for MAC computer pc. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Best Browser For Mac OS 2018 Every Mac Os User Should Have
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