Top 6 Best Bluestacks Alternative For PC/Windows


Best Bluestacks alternative for pc-Nowadays use of Android Emulators have gained great popularity. There can be many reasons for running Android Emulators on your PC. If you are an App developer, you will need it to test your application before shipping it out. Many gamers got addicted to some of the favorite Android games, and they are so much excited about it that they want to use keyboard and mouse on their games. So, like this, we have many situations where we often stuck in, and the necessity of  Android emulation on PC arises.

Best Bluestacks Alternative
Best Bluestacks Alternative

Best Bluestacks alternative for PC 2017

A few years ago we had very fewer options to run Android apps on our computers, i.e., Bluestacks. But now things have changed. We have got a very handy range of  Android Emulators being used widely with trust and reliability. No doubt Bluestack is the first name that electrifies our mind when we discuss of Android Emulators, but that is not the only option everyone is satisfied with.

It has some issues such as it is much sluggish and every process right from installation to all is under the influence of sluggishness. It slows down the system whenever it is running, and these things are making it unfit to use for development-oriented tasks.

Top 6 Best Bluestacks Alternative Emulator 2017

So here I have made a list of best 6 Bluestacks alternatives which deserves a worth trying if you are looking out for its alternatives and fed up of using it.


ko player
ko player

KO player is a newer in the market of Android Emulator for PC. It mainly centralizes itself for better game experience on the big screen while playing Android games on it. Under x86 architecture, it is adorned with newest kernel technology which results in incredible performance, stability, and compatibility of any Android game on PC. It makes the user able to use key mapping for emulating control with the keyboard. Moreover, it has an edge of recording a gameplay and upload it as per the user convenience. The installation process in it is straightforward and works very well. Well, the only thing I got negative about it is that it’s still buggy. In spite of that, it’s good, free and reliable option and game lovers are going to fall in love with it.

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  1. ANDY


Next one proceeding in our list is Andy Android Emulator. It’s free entirely and has managed itself to become a potential replacement for Bluestacks.It is a stock Android Emulator and runs on a virtual machine that comes with it. That’s why it provides a sole range of Android experience listing from productivity apps, launcher, games, etc. One of the most captivating features of it is that you can even install root access as per your requirement. As far as gaming experience to be considered it is good at it too and works really well. It is also compatible with Mac OS. So if you are bored of your limited smartphone screen size and wanted to explore something more; have a try.

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Youwave is one of the best and alternative older Android Emulator for PC. Its free version uses Ice cream Sandwich but it’s paid version is adorned with Lollipop version which works amazingly good. Installation of it is a very simple process. Though it does not contain features specific to games but you will still have a good gameplay on it, but it is suitable only for light gaming and productivity. It also has Mac support. It is available for the various versions of Windows-PC like 7/8/8.1 and 10.  It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture machine. It comes along with App store where you will have access to your favorite apps. Since it comes with the virtual box so issues regarding your PC may be there while using it.



Now, this Android Emulator is more of for a developer rather than for regular users or gamers. With the help of this, a developer can test their created apps or games on a variety of devices without the requirement of those devices. It is packed with various versions of Android which help to suit your needs, and you can configure this emulator for a variety of devices, and you can also switch between the devices and Android versions as per your requirement. Coming to the other side of it, it’s not that much suitable for the use of consumer. But they offer many of their services free for personal usage. It works on all the major OS, i.e., Windows/MAC/Linux. It has some of the advanced features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration.

  1. Memu


It is also one of the new arrivals which is performing quite good. The best part of this Android Emulator is its support for both AMD and Intel chipsets which is one of the rarest features. As far as the Android version is being considered, it is loaded with Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop. It has the feature of running multiple instances at once. Nearly it supports most of the games and apps. But it is recommended to use it mostly for productivity. For low RAM PCs, it works really well without having any hang issues.


Console os
Console os

Let me tell you one thing about Console OS is that it’s not a kind of something which is just an alternative of Bluestacks. But it is more of like Linux distribution that can be installed in your PC, parallel to Windows, rather than a tool that you will launch whenever you want. It is really loaded with some of the superb features. Now before installation, you should have to check for unsupported system list for console OS,  because it has been optimized for certain chip architectures.( It will not be available for  the devices that run on NVIDIA or AMD).

Some of its noticeable features include running two apps side by side, desktop-friendly UI, Google Play App import support, etc…It is fully compatible for Android Kit Kat and upgradation of it to Lollipop version is in progress. It has got something which will be really soothing for hardcore gamers, and that is Open GL ES 3.1 enabled console that enables users to play high-quality games without being worried. It has the best boot time and is free to download and use.

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