Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018 {Paid/Free}

Best Antivirus Apps For Android – During contemporary time technology is getting better day by day. Each and every time we get upgraded versions of our best apps and also a myriad number of alternative choices. Technology is a gift that is making our life way better and easier at a very quick pace and Android is one of the popular names among it. With games, fitness, newspapers and plethora of other kinds of stuff, Android is providing us with ease and comfort for everything in collaboration with smartphones.

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Best Antivirus Apps For Android

Best Antivirus Apps For Android

However, there is a flipside which is giving increase to things like malware, hacking and cyber crimes in disguise of providing ease to us when we are too dependent on the digitalized world. As digital stuff today has become indispensable for our day to day work like billing and surfing, there has to be something to keep a check on trouble creating viruses. For this, here we give you a list of the apps that are going to keep your Android devices in ‘good health’ and will keep the mishap of malware miles away from you! Check out the list!

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#10 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018

360 Security

With great popularity and 100 million downloads, this app has 10 million ratings which sum it up to 4.6 ratings overall. This app has many features and these features are difficult to find in a single app. It has anti-virus and anti-malware protection with the addition to real-time protection, ability to scan games and other apps on your phone and an excellent anti-theft feature. The booster is also present in this app but the validity of this feature is not appropriately validated. The app lock is the best thing in this as it provides you with a password for each app installed in your android device which is helpful in keeping unwanted adds and other related things away. All this is absolutely free of cost!

Avast Mobile Security {Best Antivirus App}

Big gun among antivirus creators ‘, Avast’ has successfully put its best foot forward to provide satisfactory antivirus services to android users. Far above the ordinary features, the new qualities in the latest versions are inclusive of the fire wall, call blocker and anti-theft facility, which provides a service to block your phone if it goes missing for a certain distance. Initially, it was paid but now is available for free.

McAfee Security And Power Booster

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock
McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

McAfee is giant name when it comes to anti-virus security for your PC and the good news is that now it has an Android version too! With the ability to successfully track the lost device and wipe it remotely, it takes the picture of a thief which is a highly popular and useful function of this app. Another impressive feature is the auto-lock apps if it leaks any sensitive information. Paid version keeps the adds away and receives phone support.

Sophos Free Antivirus And Security

Sophos Mobile Security
Sophos Mobile Security

In 2015, this app won the AV test award for best protection. The thing that sets this app apart from others is that this scanner does not contain any advertisement, so there is no worry to pay extra to remove the adds. Sophos alerts you if any app installed in your phone runs the risk of leaking any sensitive information along with scanning and checking them for malware. The app also has a QR code scanner to set up Wi-Fi connections and an authenticator is present to generate OTP for two-factor authentication.

Avira Antivirus Security.

Avira Antivirus Security 2018
Avira Antivirus Security 2018
Developer: AVIRA
Price: Free+

This app is just not limited to scanning your files and content that you have downloaded but it also provides you with a facility of getting your external storage (example SD card) scanned. Rating of the applications are done by privacy scale which helps you to decide easily whether they can be trusted with your data or not. To check the data breaches in your email addresses, this app has integrated “Identity Safeguards” which helps you to check and block such corrupted email addresses. The premium version blocks such corrupted email addresses and malicious websites automatically.

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

This app is not very popular but the benefits this provides is genuine. With 99.6% detection rate for Android malware (according to AV test), this South Korean app from AhnLabs runs well even on older Android devices. It comes with ten days free trial which has anti-malware features and warns proactively if there is an app which leaks any personal information. It also has a built-in booster which works great to speed up the device’s performance. For private photos it has hidden galleries, Anti-Theft measures, if the device is reported as lost or stolen, are some of the additional features that this app offers.

Norton Security And Antivirus

This app has 30-day free trial which will introduce you to additional features like Safe-Web filtering apart from the basic features that it will provide. Norton is a gigantic name in the world of anti-virus kinds of stuff so it is trusted fully by people and this app has not disappointed too. When this app was subjected to AV test a few months ago, it showed brilliant performance by displaying 100% malware detection. The scanner detects viruses from files and apps and removes them automatically. Other useful security features provide you with the option of locking your device with the SMS if the SIM card is removed.

Trend Micro Mobile Security And Antivirus.

This app is not just limited to check malware through scanning for new apps but also stops the apps if any of the newly installed apps access any other program, which is useful for device parents or admins. For Facebook, it has privacy scanner which warns you if your profile shows personalized or sensitive information. This scanner is in-built. The trial version of seven days comprises of free premium features which have malware blocker that detects malware in the apps even before they are installed on your device. This is one of the exceptional features of this wonderful app.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

This app is found to detect 99.9% malware according to latest AV tests which make this app among big players in the mobile security apps for Android. Even before you click on any malicious links or files, this app will try to obstruct them by blocking them which will decrease the risk of getting malware on your device proactively. The premium version is inclusive of text and call filtering.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

The best feature of this immensely popular app is that it gets ready as soon as it is installed without the need of any further configuration after installation. Any app downloaded in your device is automatically scanned and detected by this app in case of virus or malware. In case of the need for extra security, one can sign up for free 14-day trial which has protection for chrome browsers and is inclusive of anti-theft features.

Do I need antivirus for android?

Well, it’s simple and strait forward question and simply I can reply that you don’t need any antivirus app for your android smartphone. Also some have quetion like do i need antivirus for new android device? Well you don’t need becuase android OS is made up with linux, which means no malware and virus will afffect. But mostly android users keep antivirus on their device.

Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018 {Paid/Free}
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