Android 7.0 Nougat 2016 Release date Leaked: Feature & Benefits

Android N release date: Android recently released their new android version android N 7.0 nougat for Android devices which is about to be launched. The new version of Android will be expected to be launched on August 22, 2016.According to the latest reports, it is already out with developer preview 5 and we have tested the preview 5. 
Hey, guys, i am here with an awesome news for android users. The news is about official Release android N. Now a day everyone using an android phone because of its features and price. According to me, 100 out of 80 % users have android phones and they are happy with their phones. I personally don’t like iPhone because of its huge price and functions I really like the security of ios but don’t like their interface and other things such as about data transfer facility, Internet issues such as if you want to browse the internet on 2G then the page will not able to open on iPhone but in case of android it will. No doubt in some awesome feature of iPhone but it will not beneficial for android Geek. I think I talked too much about iPhone and android comparison.   

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Android 7.0 Nougat 2016 Release date Leaked: Feature & Benefits

A Canadian telecom career Telus says that the initial release date it will be released  on Huawei nexus 6P  and LG nexus 5X phones. Users will start getting update from Monday 
For testing the bugs and feature of android N the android N has released their Official technical preview 5 for developers if you are the developer and want to test the ROM then download the technical preview ROM on your device.

Features in Android N

  • Menu between the system settings
  • Multi windows mode
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  • Redesigned notification panel or new notification panel 
  • Improved/Enhanced Doz mode
  • VR mode Introduced on Nougat
  • 3D Touch support 
  • Menu shows weather app installed from file manager or Play store
  • New UI game added 

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Menu Between the system settings

Menu Between the system settings

This is the awesome feature added by google in its new OS in which the users can jump on main settings suppose you are in Bluetooth or wifi settings and want to open another setting but in traditional way you have to back all steps and then open the settings but in Android N you can simply click on three lined menu and directly jump on main settings . It really helpful feature added by Google and time-saving.

Multi-window mode 

Multi-Window Mode

Yes, you read write multi-window mode now google has finally added multi-window mode in their new version of android OS . See this also:- How to install miui 8 china developer Rom in xiaomi deviceNow you can do multiple tasks at once and open them on your phone at once. The multi-window mode was available on Samsung and LG devices but now it will available for all nougat users. Multi window can be done by the adding a new attribute called :- resizeable Activity

New Notification Panel 

Notification panel has fully changed from the previous one . Now the Notification Panel has redesigned and fully alinged. Now it is possible to reply directly from new notification panel without open application 

3D Touch 

3D Touch

The 3D touch function is only available on iPhone 6 s and google has also promised for 3 D touch on their new android OS. Now google has introduced force touch or 3D touch ion their new version of android . With the help of force touch you can open any apps and settings just you have to set the new apps and settings from the force touch option.

Know where the app has Installed from 3rd party or Play store

Now it’s really easy to know that the app has installed from the path. In new android OS, yu can able to know the path of APK has been installed. 

Final words 

The wait has over for a new version of android. You can get the new android version on your nexus device or other devices. An android has added more cools and impressive features on the new OS such as 3D touch , New notification panel, and other cool feature . I hope you guys like this news keep visiting.How to check who is using your Wi-Fi connection in android Thanks for visiting my blog

Android 7.0 Nougat 2016 Release date Leaked: Feature & Benefits
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